Magento Store Restriction Extension allows you to hide/restrict areas of your website from different customer groups such as wholesalers, retailers, logged-in, registered etc. You can hide a web page, product, category, static block and everything from your site visitors. This magento catalog permissions module also allows you to redirect website users to other internal and external pages. The entire process of restricting customers to access your website is automated. Check all the features on Demo or read below for details.


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Magento Restrict Customer Groups Module offers an easy way to restrict customers from viewing your entire site or a part of it. User Access rules automate this entire process; you can configure specific conditions for these rules which will trigger its execution once the conditions are met. Following are more details about the features:

Customer Groups - Magento Catalog Permissions

  • Supports all built-in and custom user groups such as logged-in, logged-out, wholesaler, retailer general etc., add customers to any customer group and restrict the access of entire group as per your requirements.

Restrict Access to the Following

  • You can restrict access to the entire site or any part of it e.g. a product, category, static block, specific pages etc.

Redirection - Magento Customer Groups Extension

  • You can also redirect un-wanted visitors to other web pages, which can be internal as well as external.

Rules and Conditions to Restrict Access

  • There are two types of promotional rules supported by this Magento advanced permissions extension.

Basic Promotional Rule

  • Just like Magento catalog promotional rules, you will create rules and set conditions as per your requirements. Conditions can be set to match specific product attributes such as SKU, color, price etc. to restrict access to that product, category or page.

Manual Promotional Rule

  • In this mode, you will configure redirection for product pages. See DEMo or snapshots for more details.

Key Features - Magento Store Restriction

  • Allows you to restrict user access to your entire website, any product, category or a page.
  • Restricts pages based on customer groups.
  • Supports page level redirection.
  • Automates the process of restricting user access with the help of access rules. Created unlimited rules and set their priority as per your requirements.
  • Conditions for User Access Rules can be based on product attributes such as SKU, color, category etc.
  • Hides unwanted information from the desired customer groups.
  • Customized error message can be set for the restricted sections/pages.


Magento Restrict Customer Group Extension is very simple to use and understand tool for the store owners. After installation, proceed towards “FME Extensions” on the menu bar and select “Restrict Customer Groups”. Start by configuring the system settings by following below mentioned steps;


This module has very simple configuration. Here you can select the type of rules that you want to set for group restriction. Go to “Restrict Customer Group”, select configuration. Select from Basic or Manual rule types.

How It Works:

Start by navigating to “FME Extensions” -> “Restrict Customer Group” -> “Manage Rule”. In this section, you can create rules for defining criteria of restriction. To create a new rule, click ‘New Rule” button. A new window will open where basic information will be entered. Now select the type of rule you want to create, either basic or manual rule. Both have different functionality.

Basic Promotional Rule

In this type of rule, you can restrict desired CMS pages of your web store by creating promotional rules. You will find these fields in the rule;

Rule Information:

After selecting this type of rule, further basic information will be asked to enter. Follow the steps below;

  • Start by configuring ‘Rule Information’
  • Give a title to the rule
  • Then set the priority you want to gives it. Entering the priority as ‘0’ will make the rule enabled on priority and will be used before others
  • Then Enable or Disable the rule
  • Select the customer group for which you want to set the restriction
  • Enter a custom error message to be displayed once the customer clicks on the restricted page / section

Restrict CMS Page(s):

In this tab, you can select one or multiple pages of your store where the restriction will apply.


In this tab, firstly select ‘IF ANY’ from the drop down menu to select the desired product, SKU or attribute. After selecting the desired option, click on the ‘tick’ to set the condition.

Static Block:

If you want to set the restriction for any static block then select block(s) already created in the CMS section of your store or create it first there and then proceed forward.

Once done with all the settings, click “Save Item Rule” to save the settings.

Manual Promotional Rule

In this rule type, you can define the action that will be taken once the customer group for whom the pages are restricted clicks on them. You will find these fields this area.

Rule Information:

  • Write the rule name first.
  • Set the priority level. The rule with priority level ‘0’ will only be picked.
  • Enable the rule to make it work
  • Select the customer group(s) for restriction

Manual Redirect Options:

Provide the URL of the restricted page and the page / section where you want to redirect the visitors from restricted group. Once you are done, click on ‘Save Item Rule” button to save all the settings.

Check all the features on “Demo” section. For questions, please visit the FAQ section, filling a short form will connect you to us.

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