Custom Options Pricing Magento Extension Released

If you want your customers to have an excellent user experience like never before, where they can calculate price, view and select multiple grouped options and shop, all on one page then here is another startling extension by FME, Magento Custom Options Pricing Module. This remarkable FME extension allows you to create and assign group of independent custom options to multiple products in an easy way. This extension provides custom product options on a product page so that your customers can calculate price according to the length, breadth, size, or any other measurement units of variable sized products.

These products are simple products but have grouped options just like configurable products. This module offers one-stop shop experience where the customer can calculate product options price, select them and add to the basket, all on one page! You will not need to create configurable products in catalogue. You can create option sets and then allot them to simple products. This eliminates the need to create configurable products again and again. Furthermore, these custom options can have images for customers’ convenience. That is not all! This flamboyant extension allows the store owners authority to create CSV based product options for every product!


A handy tool used to smartly group various simple products together as grouped options that would enable your customers choose them as a single product. Why waste your customer’s time in selecting products and ordering them one by one! Instead give them a one-stop-shop experience that eases their need to shop from your shop. Using this ecstatic extension, you can also convert your frequent stagnant traffic into a milky-way of sales!

It’s easy to use installation method can enable store owners to smartly create simple products grouped together as configurable products and display them with one another as related option. All managed and created at the feature enriched backend administrator panel. They can create as many options as possible in the specific product that satisfactorily will enable their customers to pick the right price and product option according to their need. While customizing the options set, this extension lets you create several dependant custom options grouped in option sets. These option sets cover different dimensions like design, size and color. Magento product options with design is the most exciting option set where the store owners can showcase several custom options with numerous designs, giving their customers a hand full of choices that precisely address their needs. Making your store a hot shot profit making store unlike any other!