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Inteligentne Kategorie for Magento 2


Wykorzystaj rozszerzenie Magento 2 Smart Categories, aby uproszczać, przyspieszać i usprawniać zarządzanie kategoriami. Zamiast ręcznego przypisywania produktów do każdej nowej lub istniejącej kategorii, rozszerzenie pozwala automatycznie wypełniać je na podstawie określonych warunków.

  • Twórz zasady do automatycznego wypełniania kategorii
  • Ustaw zaawansowane warunki
  • Automatyczna aktualizacja kategorii
  • Dynamizuj dowolną kategorię
  • Podgląd i sortowanie listy produktów
  • Łatwe wyszukiwanie produktów
  • Doskonałe dla celów SEO
  • Features
  • Product Reviews
  • FAQS
  • Related Products
  • Populate Categories Dynamically
  • Dynamic Category Option
  • Enable Product Attributes
  • Rich Product Attributes to Select From
  • Create Merchandising Rules
  • Set Advanced Conditions
  • Preview & Sort Product Listing
  • Search Products Easily
Populate Categories Dynamically
Populate Categories Dynamically
Dynamic Category Option
Dynamic Category Option
Enable Product Attributes
Enable Product Attributes
Rich Product Attributes to Select From
Rich Product Attributes to Select From
Create Merchandising Rules
Create Merchandising Rules
Set Advanced Conditions
Set Advanced Conditions
Preview & Sort Product Listing
Preview & Sort Product Listing
Search Products Easily
Search Products Easily


Saves Time

With the extension, you don’t need to assign products to the categories manually, saving you a considerable amount of time, especially if you have lots of products.

Increases Efficiency

The extension eliminates the possibility of assigning wrong or inappropriate products to a category, making category management more efficient.

Enhances User Experience

With smart categories, customers get to see products of specific attributes, i.e., on sale, new, hot under dedicated categories, improving UX.


Dynamically Associate Products with Categories

Attach products to categories based on over 25 different product attributes. These attributes act as triggers to associate particular products automatically with the specified category. For example, you can populate categories based on new, on sale, SKU, or any other attribute. Products having the selected attributes are automatically moved from the backend to the frontend.

Set Advanced Conditions

If your desired products are not retrievable using a single product attribute, you can select combinations of conditions. For example, you can retrieve all the New products whose Price is less than or equal to $50 and whose Size is Medium. The ability to create advanced conditions allows you to target products that fall under multiple attributes.

Now with this Magento 2 smart categories extension, you can truly make your Sales categories dynamic no matter what products you want to go with them.

Automatically Update Categories

The extension keeps track of product attribute changes and will add or remove products dynamically if they no longer meet the criteria set in the condition. Also, when you update a condition, the products are adjusted accordingly.

Make Any Category Dynamic

You can make any category, whether new or existing, dynamic. Just toggle the Dynamic/Smart Category button, and a standard category will turn into a smart category. Also, you can make as many smart categories as you want.

Preview & Sort Product Listing

After saving a condition, all the products meeting the condition are populated automatically. You can preview the products to make sure they correspond to the set condition and are good to go to the dynamic category.

You can also sort products by using a handy drag-and-drop option. This lets you display products according to your preferred order. For example, you can move your best selling products to the top of the list.

Search Products by Name, SKU, Price

After the products are retrieved, you can search them by ID, Name, SKU, Visibility, and Status. If you'd like to place your products more strategically, you can also sort them by position and manually adjust their order.

Make Keyword Targeted Categories

Category pages are not only useful for user experience but search engines too. With this module, you can create keyword-targeted category pages that are easier to rank.

On the one hand, dynamic category improves user experience as you can navigate users to products of particular attributes. On the other hand, it is good for SEO purposes.

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