Export Product Prices And Details To PDF/Excel File - FME Catalog Export Module

Export Product Prices And Details To PDF/Excel File - FME Catalog Export Module

Can you imagine how irritating it would be for your customers to visit some other website or use any other software just to have your detailed product list and price list in PDF or excel? To your and your customers’ ease, FME has launched its new simple-to-use plugin, Catalog Export Module. This plugin allows your customers to have a well-presented list of your products along with related details, and off course the price list. They can compare the products and prices with other companies and can make the buying decision confidently and comfortably. A single click on the module enables your customers export all of your products, categories, and prices in one PDF or excel file and they can get the print out.

After getting the PDF export if you’d like to make changes on the PDF documents, good news, you can also edit your PDF after the export process; you can use this PDF Editor to make the changes you need easily. Also this handy “How to edit a PDF” guide will fill you in terms of many editing questions that you might have in mind about PDF documents.

DEMO Please visit Magento PDF Catalog Extension product page to view frontend and backend DEMO.

Features - PDF Catalog and Price List Export Extension

  • It converts product catalog into PDF or excel file.
  • It helps customers in exporting product attributes into a single PDF or excel file.
  • It allows picking just few products to export to PDF or excel file, instead of the whole list.
  • The export buttons are displayed on product, category, and home pages. These buttons are user-friendly and can be customized with specific icons.
  • The price list can be configured to include all the products available in the store.
  • Customers can download Magento pdf catalog directly.
  • The site owner can upload the company logo to be used in the price list.
  • The fields included in the exported file are product ID, product name, SKU, price, manufacturer, and status.
  • The module is useful for daily operations and B2B commerce.

Magento PDF Catalog Export Module Benefits Businesses And Customers Equally!

Product price lists and brochures are effective advertising tools and help bringing in more sales. Therefore, allowing customers to have easy-to-print product catalog means you are marketing your business. Placing company logo on the price lists means whoever will see the printed copy of the list, will get introduced to your company. When an easy-to-use catalog export module of FME helps customers generating pdf or excel files of the product details, then why they would go to some other website or use any other applications for the purpose?

Think about the mutual benefits: Get this plugin for your e store and share your experience!