How to Login to Magento 2 as Customer?
Why would a store admin want to log in as customer? For several reasons.
  • To view the store with customer’s eyes
  • To assist customers with their shopping process
  • To reduce support time by avoiding credentials request
  • To correct customer’s data on their behalf
When a store admin logs in as customer, he can view the store exactly as a customer does which gives him a better understanding of how the store looks and functions from a customer’s point of view. This helps him identify areas where there is room for improvement. He can also help customers with the checkout process in real time.

How to Enable Login as Customer in Magento 2.4?

In Magento, the login as customer feature has been made available in version 2.4 and onwards. So if you are using one of the latest versions, you can enable this feature by logging into your admin panel and going to Stores -> Settings -> Configuration -> Customers -> Login as Customer. Now change the ‘Enable Extension’ option to Yes.

magento 2 admin login as customer

To allow admins to use this feature, customers will also have to enable the Allow remote shopping assistance from their Dashboard:

magento 2 admin login as customer settings

Use the Ready-Made Extension to Login as Customer in Magento 2

In case you are using an older Magento version where this feature is not available, you can still add it to your store by using our Magento 2 Login as Customer Extension. The extension allows you to login as customer in a single click from multiple pages. Let’s briefly discuss some distinguishing features of the extension.

1. Enable the Feature on Multiple Grids

The extension makes it super easy for admins to access customer’s account. You can choose to display the login as customer option on multiple pages including customer grid, order grid, invoice grid, shipment grid, credit memo grid, customer view page, order detail page, etc.

magento 2 admin login as customer grid feature

2. Track the Admin’s Activity in Customer’s Accounts

The extension tracks every single login as customer attempt with the date & time, admin and customer names, emails and customer ID. This log is important especially if your store is managed by more than 1 admin.

magento 2 track admin activity in customer's account

3. Access Customer’s Account Directly from Customers or Orders Grid

The 'Login as Customer' button is available in every customer and order profile in the backend zone of your store. Open the profile, click the button and you will be directed right to the account dashboard.

login as customer button in customers & orders grid

This extension is a useful tool to practically put yourself in customer’s shoes and make a great user experience on your store.

If you have any question regarding the extension, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you want to buy it, click here.

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