How To Add Magento 2 Store Pickup Shipping Method?

How To Add Magento 2 Store Pickup Shipping Method?

Shipping is an integral part of every retail business as well as E-commerce. Putting an effective ecommerce shipping strategy in place is important to grow the store’s sales. A good shipping strategy also has a positive impact on your business. Customers increasingly opt for the shipping methods that are convenient, fast and cost effective. For this purpose, online merchants usually offer more than one shipping methods to give customers the options to choose their preferred shipping method.

Magento 2 offers 7 shipping methods namely Free Shipping, Flat Rate, Table Rates, UPS, USPS, FedEx and DHL. By default, only the Flat Rate shipping method is enabled. Other shipping methods can be enabled and configured manually.

Magento 2 Store Pickup Shipping Method

A great shipping method is the store pickup method which allows customers to pick up their orders from the nearest physical store at a scheduled date & time. It saves them from the long delivery time and shipping cost. Since Magento does not allow adding new or customizing the default shipping methods, we will use a third party extension such as Magento 2 Store Pickup Extension by FME extensions to add the store pickup shipping method.

How to Use the Extension to Add Store Pickup Shipping Method in Magento 2?

    • Login to the extension’s Back Office, Click FME Extensions -> Manage Stores.
    • Click Add New Store to add a new store or click Select -> Edit to edit an existing store.

    • The extension offers full features of an advanced store locator extension which allows merchants to add and display their physical stores with all the relevant details.
    • Upon clicking Add New Store, a form appears asking for all the basic details about the store such as store title, description, address, phone etc as shown below.

Create Tags for Each Store Location

You can create tags for each store to let customers easily filter the stores listings. To do so, click FME Extensions from the back end -> Tags -> Add New Tag. Enter the Tag title, Tag description and upload an image (optional) as shown.

Create Holidays for Each Store

The extension lets you manage holidays for each store so that customers know the store is open before they visit.

    • To create a new holiday, click FME Extensions -> Holiday -> Add New Holiday.
    • Enter the holiday name, description, start & end date.

Configure Daily Timetable

To let customers know about the store’s working hours, it is important to be displayed on the store’s landing page. The extension allows you to do so.

    • Click FME Extensions -> Timetable -> Add New Timetable
    • The form lets you configure the timings for each day of the week.

Display Store Pickup Shipping Method While Checking Out

The extension displays store pickup as a shipping method along with the other methods. Upon choosing Store Pickup, a dropdown menu is loaded with all the store locations you have added. Customers can select any store to pick up their orders with the pickup date & time as shown below.

Magento 2 add custom field to checkout

The store pickup information is displayed in the order summary as well.

Final Words:

Magento 2 store pickup extension is an extremely useful plugin from FME extensions which improves customer’s shopping experience. FME extensions also offers 45 days money back guarantee, free lifetime support & free lifetime upgrades. If you have any question regarding the extension, please contact support team by submitting a ticket here.

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