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Advance Testimonials - Jump Your Sales

Advance Testimonials - Jump Your Sales

The Advance Magento Testimonial Extension is an avant-garde FME Extension that comes geared up with the most cutting-edge and top features available. Convenient to manage for the Online Magento Store owners, this testimonial extension allows your customers to post testimonials about your Company, Brands or Shop, informing you or other customers about their experience of dealing with you. Your clients can explain what they found good about your store and their dislikes. Also, they can state what advancements and amendments they would like to see in your store. Your clients dislikes support healthy criticism whereas all that they like about your store can bring you a considerable amount of new customers to your Online Store.

Even though this Magento Testimonial Extension has been flooded with features it has still been devised to be very user-friendly and enables you to administer Testimonials conveniently from the Admin Panel. FME has always given its clients the top priority and complete control over the extensions they install into their Stores. Store owners are allowed to modify the Status or delete any Testimonials from the Back End just by selecting from the Grid and the the Action in the Manage Testimonials Block. Testimonials can be deleted to avoid foul language, personal attacks or matters of that nature. However, they are displayed very entrancingly on the Front End with Prototype Javascript Sliders. The Advance Testimonial Magento Extension enables the administrator to manage the testimonials and delete, search, add, enable or disable any testimonial effortlessly from the Back End of the FME Extension.

Magento Testimonials Extension

The Front End of the Advance Testimonial Extension show-cases the Testimonials that have been added to your website by you clients or viewers. These Testimonials are presented with a Stylish JQuery Slider. An Add Testimonial Tab has been adorned to the Front End of the Magento Extension. A click on that Tab will navigate your clients to the Add a Testimonial Page where they will have to fill up the given text fields. The Name of the Company, your client's name, Email, Website URL, Designation, Picture and then the content field where they write the testimonial have to be filled up. To avoid any kind of Spam, FME has also adorned a Security Code Message which needs to be filled up in order to add the Testimonial.

Some of the other features of the Advance Testimonial Extension are that it supports the stylish Prototype sliding effect on the Front end. The extension is convenient to install and upgrade for the store owners. All they have to do is just copy and start using. Another key feature is that you can put a link to add a testimonial anywhere on the site! These testimonials can be put on any portion of your store through adding a block or a code snippet!