Refer a friend Magento extension is a marketing module that allows you to benefit from its viral marketing features. It is an essential module to benefit from social interaction of your customers by giving them discounts on each referral. Increase your customers with the power of their ‘Words of Mouth”. Reward your customers on every new signup, checkout or number of items purchased by their referrals, and give them reward on their next purchase. Click on DEMO to view all the features.


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Magento Referral Extension is a great viral marketing tool for your online web store. It allows you to reward your affiliate partners, means that you can offer discounts and other offers to those customers who send referrals to your website. You can make your current customers as ambassadors of your store and a source of increased conversions. The discount rewards plays a vital role in influencing customers to refer more friends and get discounts on their future purchases.

Following features are embedded in this Magento Invite a Friend module;

Customer Focused Features - Magento Refer a Friend

Rewards on Referrals

Offer exciting discounts to customers who refer friends to your website. Develop a strong customer relationship with the customers by rewarding them.

Refer Friends via Email or Social Media:

Customers can refer others from their accounts easily; they can use the email ID or share it on social media. They can also embed a link anywhere by simple copy/paste.

Rewards Go to Both Referrer and Referral:

Admin can configure reward for both referrals and the ones who refer them. New customers will have to sign up before availing any promotions.

Admin Features

Automate the Referrals Rewards

Magento Refer a Friend by Email or Social media can be fully automated with the help of rules. Define the rules, set the conditions and configure the rewards/discounts for new customers as well as affiliate partners. The rest will be taken care of this intelligent module. You can specify the discount in percentage or flat rate. Check the demo to see how you can configure rules and limit max referrals.

Referral Stats:

Referral statistics give a smart edge to your Magento referral system. It allows you to view summarized analysis about the total number of referrals made by your existing customers and how much discount they have availed. This statistical insight gives you a better understanding of your marketing campaign.

General Features:

  • Enable the extension from admin side.
  • Define the maximum discount amount and order value.
  • Set minimum price for an order on which the discount will be applied.
  • Select the desired store view to implement referrals reward.
  • Automated execution of rewards and referrals system.
  • Admin can set discounts for specific users.
  • All transaction details are available to admin at the backend.
  • Users can invite friends from their accounts. At a time users can send 4 requests to friends.
  • Multi-store support available.
  • Supports referral discounts for existing customers upon referring new customers.
  • Reward discount for each referred customer upon purchase.
  • Manage the referral system from the back end.
  • Complete stats available at the backend.
  • Discounts viewable in the shopping cart for redemption.
  • Referral tracking analysis available in store customer area.
  • SUPEE-6788 Compatible

How It Works

Magento Refer a Friend Extension is very easy to use tool for the e-commerce business owners. The module’s functionality is also very user friendly. Follow the steps below to understand the extension’s functionality.


Start by navigating to ‘FME Extensions’ on the main menu bar and select ‘Refer a Friend’ from the drop-down menu. Then select ‘Configurations’. Follow the points below;

  • Enable the extension from here to start using its features.
  • Set the maximum discount you want to set for each order.
  • Enter the threshold for cart total. If price is equal to or greater than the specified amount, the discount will apply.
  • Select the store(s) where you want to apply these features.

Backend Functionality:

The backend functionality of this extension is very user friendly. Proceed below to understand the step by step working of this extension.

Manage Rules

Start by clicking on ‘FME Extensions’ on the main menu bar. Then go to ‘Refer a Friend’ -> Manage Rules. Here you can create a new rule by clicking on “Add Rule” or customizing the already made ones. To create a new rule, follow these steps after clicking on “Add Rule” button.

  • Enter the desired rule name.
  • Define the rule type; Customer Signup, No of Items Purchased or Discount for Referral’s Purchase Amount.
  • Select the type of discount you want to offer; Percent Discount or Fixed Discount.
  • Set the date since when the rule will apply.
  • Enter the targeted number of referrals that you want to assign for the customers. Once the referrals of any customer reach the targeted threshold, the discount will apply.
  • Enter the discount amount for the purchase (s) if the amount meets the criteria, the discount will apply.
  • Enable the rule here to make it work.
  • Select the store(s) where this rule will be applied.

After done with the settings, click “Save Rule” to save all the setting made.

Manage Discounts

Select “Manage Discounts” from the drop-down menu to do the settings. Here you can either customize the existing discounts or create a new one. To create a new discount, click on the “Add New” button to open the respective area.

In the Create Discount section, enter discount amount in percentage, along with any particular comment you want to write. Then assign this discount for the customer(s) already registered to your store. After selecting them, the discount details will appear against the customer name and other information. Once the customer avails the discount and his referrals are above the numbers required for the discount to apply, the remaining will be balanced in future transaction.

You can also expert the CSV file of the created discount to keep them as record for future purpose.

Manage Transactions

In this section, you can manage every transaction made by your customer manually. You can create specific discount for any of the customers’ transaction or add multiple discounts for them. Create the discount by clicking on the “Add New” button.

New window will open where you can enter the information for the new discount. First enter the discount amount you want to set for the transaction. Then allocate this discount to any of the desired transaction of the customer(s) to make it work. Once done with settings, click on the “Save Transaction” button to save all of them.

Check all the features on “Demo” section. For questions, please visit the FAQ section, filling a short form will connect you to us.


In this section, you can view all the stats related to the referrals made by the existing customers like; number of referrals registered, items they purchased, total amount spent, total balance and the amount spent by the existing customer. This gives a holistic vie of all the customers and with that you can customize the discount for customers with more referrals.

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Reviews & Ratings
  • A Must Have!

    quote An excellent tool to increase your customer base. We saw a prominent increase in customers registering with us and thus an increase in sales. An excellent way to get the work out. quote

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    by: Raymon on 5/13/14
  • Nice Extension and faster support

    quote Its really a nice extension, its working, what they have described, developer support is very good.
    Source: Magento Connect quote

    Read more
    by: Delphin_sam on 5/2/14
  • saving me money

    quote Getting new memebers to register on our site has never been easier. Customer base has grown exponentially as almost ever new member refers a friend due to the discount offer. I now have to spend less on google adds. quote

    Read more
    by: charles on 4/13/14
  • increased revenue

    quote Works! Its simple and makes sense. quote

    Read more
    by: john on 3/6/14

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