Event Discount Packages (1.2.1)

Magento Events Discount Extension allows you to create discount packages for any type of events such as New Year, Christmas, Holidays, New arrivals etc. On these events people are looking for discount deals all over the internet. This extension creates event’s wall page, events detail page with custom text. Minimum deal requirements can be set from backend which are visible on the deal’s page. AJAX functionality is used to add or remove products in a package. For more features please continue reading below.


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Magento Events Discount Extension creates an elegant landing page for discounted group deals. Customers can click on each deal to view its details. Detail page of a package provides detailed information about it which can be added from the backend such as minimal product quantity that is required to avail the package. Following section describes the features and useful information about this product. You can view all these features on Demo to get hands-on experience.

Features-Magento Event Discounts

  • Create unlimited discount packages for various events
  • Customizable URLs for deals’ pages increase search engines visibility
  • Event’s discount deals will automatically expire once their time period is finished
  • Custom sort order for events landing page
  • WYSIWYG editor provided for entering events’ details.
  • Include multiple product categories in the deal, select minimum product quantity that is required to be added, in order to avail the deal
  • Highlights ‘Your Price’ whereas market place is shown in strike-through font.
  • Supports Taxes on deals. Supports multiple color schemes
  • Supports multi-store, associate a deal with specific store
  • CRON job for flushing event products.
  • AJAX based GUI, operations on deals like adding or removing products are performed by AJAX
  • Lightbox for product image included
  • Customizable event’s landing and detail pages.

Get hands-on experience on Magento Events Discount Extension Demo.

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Store Admins can enable “Events” link in the header and footer. Once customers will click on it, all the available events will be displayed with their description. Clicking on individual event will open up its detail page where customers will find more description and discount packages associated to that event. Store owners will create these discount packages from the backend, they will list minimum quantity of products which would be required to get the deal e.g. if minimum quantity is set to 2 T-Shirts and 1 Trouser then customers would have to select 2 T-Shirts and 1 Trouser in order to avail discount offer.

If that much quantity is not selected then clicking on order button will highlight the missing item that is required to get the deal.


Magento Event Discount Extension comes with following administration sections;

  • Manage Events
  • Manage Discount Packages
  • Configuration

Manage Events:

This section allows you to add, edit, delete any event and associate it with the discount packages in the following manner;

Event Information

  • Enter title for event
  • Enter appropriate URL identifier for this event’s page
  • You can upload any logo or image to be shown with this event
  • From status drop down you can enable or disable this event as required. Select desired store view
  • WYSIWYG editor is provided for top and bottom description for event
  • At the bottom you can set active dates for this event after which it will automatically be deactivated

Event Meta Information

  • Enter Meta name, keywords and description for this page to help rank you page better in search engines

Event Packages

  • Click on this tab and choose which discount package you want to associate with this event

Manage Discount Packages

  • Enter Package name that customers will see in event
  • Enter original price of the package means the price without discount. Set the label for original price such as “Market Price”, “Original Price” etc
  • Similarly set discounted price and label such as “Our Price”, “Discounted Price” etc
  • If tax is applicable, you can select the desired tax class from the drop down
  • Enter in hex the color code of package container
  • Set the order of package in which it will appear
  • Associate this package with any event from the list box
  • You can deactivate this package any time from the status drop down
  • Lastly select the store view for this package

Package Categories

  • Select products from categories you want to include in this discount package, you will able to set the minimum quantity for each selected product at the bottom. Order now button will not process further until the entered quantity has been selected by customer.


Event Page

  • Set Page title, search engine friendly URL and Meta information your events main page
  • Enable or disable time limit feature for events
  • Select the default category for event’s products. This will be used in case no category is selected

Manage Links

  • Enter text for header and footer links
  • Enable or disable header and footer links
  • Flush event products (Cron Job)
  • You can configure Cron job to flush event products
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  • Handly Plugin

    quote Couldn't have had better sales on Valentines without this module. It was so easy to create a Valentines even and add packages. It even let me apply discounts on these packages which really increased my sales. quote

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    by: marie on 3/2/13

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