Magento Box Calculator Extension calculates square foot carton and box pricing. Customers will enter the required size in “Square meter”, “Square centi-meter” or “Square foot” as set by admin. This Module will then calculate number of boxes/cartons that will be required for packaging /shipping the product, and their price. Custom box size can be customized as well as message labels on product page. 


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Box Calculator Extension provides square foot carton and box pricing for Magento if the products you sell are priced based on their size in “Square meter”, “Square centi-meter” or “Square foot”? Customers will enter the desired area and this square foot product pricing module will calculate the price along with total number of boxes required for shipping.

Admin will create product custom options and will add them in the configuration panel. This addon will then automatically activate it’s algorithm on those custom options. For example, a customer wants to order for 72 square feet of carpet, and default size of box is set to 10 square feet by admin, then this order will require 8 boxes for packaging and shipment. So this plugin provides price per quantity functionality. Admin can manage shipping box sizes, unit of measurement such as square foot or meter, and minimum required quantity for this Square Foot Calculator Module.

Features - Square Foot Product Pricing Magento Extension

  • Offers price per quantity feature
  • Calculate price based on custom options
  • For product Size, measurement units of the box/carton are customizable. 
  • “Square meter”, “Square centi-meter” and “Square foot” measurement units for box are supported
  • You can set minimum required quantity 
  • Custom message labels on product page such as total number of boxes, unit price, and final price. 
  • You can set size and measurement units of cartons/boxes for individual products

Magento Carton Pricing Module - Features

  • SUPEE-6788 Compatible
  • 100% OpenSource 
  • Multi-Store Supported 
  • Multi-Language Supported 
  • Install Guide with Easy to follow steps 
  • User Guide to help you utilize and understand the extension 
  • Lifetime Support Free Support

Learn more about Magento Box Calculator Module on Demo, read FAQs for any questions or talk to us freely.

How it Works - Magento Box calculator

After the installation the first thing you need to do is to create Magento product options on which this extension will work. For example create a custom option “Size”, then set its price. Once you are done, open up the configuration panel where you will find a heading labeled as “Set the keyword title”, enter the name of custom option you created previously i-e.“size”.

Following settings can be configured for each product;

  • Set size of the carton/box
  • Select unit of measurement for the carton/box
  • Enter minimum quantity required

This square foot product pricing Magento addon will provide following information after user input;

  • Number of boxes required for packaging and shipping
  • Total Price for order

From the configuration section you can enter custom message labels. That is all you need to do in order to run this extension. For further inquiries please contact us through our support centre.

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