Magento Box Calculator Extension allows customers to calculate the area pricing of a product sold in boxes. Customers can enter the required size in square meter, square centi-meter or square foot as set by admin and the extension validates the measurements by converting into per box price of the product. You can also configure the minimum threshold size of the box for the product. Example, a tile box measurement size can be set as 1.5 meter, once a customer enters its measurement as 2 meter the box calculator extension will show the 2 boxes & their price for checkout.
  • Key Features

    • Calculates Price & Qty of Required Product Boxes
    • Calculates Boxes Based On Area Entered By User
    • Supported Units: Square foot, Meter & Centimeter
    • Configure Default Box Size & Min Area Size

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Powerful Features

  • Calculates Box Quantity & Price

    This extension calculates the total price and quantity of boxes required by the customer

  • Takes Area Size From Customer

    It allows customers to enter the area size of the product

  • Multiple Measurement Units

    Area of product can be entered in square meter, square ce nti-meter or square foot

Where Box Calculator Extension Can Be Used?

Box Calculator extension is a useful calibration tool for selling products that can be spanned with respect to Area.

  • This extension can be used for various products, for instance when customers need to buy tiles for flooring and cannot purchase it in excessive amounts that will be wasted. In that case, the user can enter the area of the floor to be covered and the extension will automatically calculate the amount of boxes for the tiles with total price.

How Box Calculator Extension Works

The admin can configure settings from the backend and the extension will calculate the box quantity and area price of the product automatically

  • You can configure the price of the product, default size of the box and unit of the box in square meter, square centi-meter or square foot. When the customers enter the measurement the extension validates it through your custom settings and displays the required amount of boxes of the product.
  • You can enter labels for the rules, boxes, unit, price and total of the price. These labels will show on the cart page and tell the customer the area pricing of the product.
  • You can also select minimum threshold amount below which customers cannot enter any measurement.

Calculates Box Quantity & Price

  • Default Size Of Box

    Set the size of the box for the area based product

  • Set Price Of Each Box

    Configure per box pricing

  • Minimum Area Size

    Enter a minimum size of the product that can be purchased

  • Select Measurement Unit

    You can select the different Area measurement units

More Features

  • Change Product Label Texts for Boxes, Unit, Price & Final Price
  • Supports Multiple Store view
  • Change label text for input field

Merchant Benefits

  • You can set threshold for minimum quantity of the product. This prevents customers from purchasing small quantities of the product.
  • Multiple measurement units allow you to sell all products of all sizes. You can sell products that are measured in square meter as well as products that are measured in square centi-meter.

Customer Benefits

  • Box calculator allows customers to purchase area based products from the store in box/cartons that cannot be purchased individually.
  • This extension helps customers save their money by purchasing the precise amount of product.
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