Magento Background Image extension allows you to place custom background images on home, product, CMS and category pages. Show your customers the celebration and pre preparation of events through large HD background images supported with Galleries. You can define set of conditions based on which background images are displayed, show single or multiple images on any page of the site, and schedule images for future events such as Christmas, New Year Eve and Valentine’s Day etc.
  • Key Features

    • Apply Background Image throughout the site
    • Multiple Images appear in pre-defined order
    • Show On Specific Products, Categories & CMS
    • Schedule Background Images - Future Events
    • Fully Responsive & Multi-Store Supported

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    45 Days Moneyback Guarantee

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    Free Lifetime Upgrades

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    Meet Magento Standards

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Powerful Features of Magento Background Image Extension

  • Background Images Gallery

    Display random background images by adding them in galleries

  • Add Conditions to show the Images on Products

    Image rules allows you to set conditions based on which customers will see background images on specific products

  • Categories & CMS Pages

    You can manually set which images will be shown on categories and CMS pages

  • Schedule For Future Events

    You can set time duration of background images and schedule for future events.

  • Responsive & Multi-Store Supported

    Background Image Magento extension is responsive and supports Multi-Store

  • Set Image Display & Sorting Order

    Configure the priority and sorting of multiple images. Sorting can be in random, ascending and descending order

Display Single Or Multiple Background Images

Magento background Image changer extension offers the functionality to show multiple images on background through galleries.

  • Image Gallery

    Creating image gallery allows you to randomly display images to users on the background each time they visit the page.

  • Define Display Order

    You can select display order of the background images as random, ascending or descending

Display On Specific Products, Categories & CMS Pages

Create Rules to display Magento background images on specific products, categories and CMS pages

  • Show Background Images Based on Conditions

    Set conditions to display images for specific products. By creating conditions you can target specific products for gaining customer attention

  • Select Category & CMS Pages

    You can show background images on Categories pages as well as CMS pages. This helps you optimize your web pages with related images.

Schedule Background Images

Create schedule for upcoming events to automatically show related background images.

  • This feature allows you to manage background image appearance for special Occasions such as Christmas, New Year’s, Independence Day and Valentine’s Day etc. You can select dates of these events and show images on specific durations.

More Features

  • Supports Multiple Store Views
  • Sort Images in ascending, descending and random order
  • Create Multiple Background images for different pages
  • Set priority for background images

Merchant Benefits

  • Magento background photo selector extension provides you all the necessary tools you need to make your website background into an attractive platform. This encourages customers to visit and keep visiting your website.
  • You obtain improved ranking in search engines. Popular search engines prefer pages which are updated regularly with fresh content, images etc.
  • On each event closing in, you can create new product campaigns such as for Christmas, New Year and other types of holiday occasions. This allows you to set signature background images that represent the event.

Customer Benefits

  • Customers enjoy being accompanied with attractive images displayed on the background, instead of a dull colors or no color at all. This improves user experience.
  • During big events of the year such as Black Friday, customers prefer shopping from websites that have updated content with related images. This helps customers predict which website has better offers.
  • With large and HD images of featured products on the background, customers can easily distinguish which product is popular in the store.
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  • A Fan

    quote You guys have taken the Magento Rules functionality and used it in such a way that i am blow away. Super Stuff quote

    Read more
    by: yuri on 8/15/2012
  • Branding made easy

    quote No need to have a Developer make any changes now :) I can create a Background image for any page on my magento store and get a entire new Look. Good Idea guys.

    Read more
    by: Simon on 7/18/2012

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