Website Security - Geoip

Website Security and Geoip Extensions

Magento security and GeoIP modules to hide / restrict area of your online store from unwanted traffic which can be marked based on the IP, location and customer group. This category include extensions like restrict by customer groups, geo-ip default store, geo-ip ultimate lock, etc

  • Magento Restrict by Customer Group

    Magento Store Restriction Extension allows you to hide/restrict areas of your website from different customer groups such as wholesalers, retailers, logged-in, registered etc. You can hide a web page, product, category, static blo....

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  • Geo-IP Default Language Currency

    Magento Language & Currency switcher extension switches language and currency of your store, according to the users’ location to give them a personalized shopping experience. It detects IP based location of users with the help o....

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  • Geo-IP Default Store

    Geo IP Magento Store Switcher extension detects users’ location and redirects them to a region-customized store. You can specify products and add countries to a region to ensure shopping convenience for the users of a certain lo....

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  • Geo-IP Ultimate Lock

    FME Magento GEOIP Ultimate Lock extension allows you to secure your website against unwanted traffic from any location. Monitor real-time traffic and block/restrict any IP address instantly. This Block IP module uses Magento Catal....

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  • GeoIP Country Lock

    FME’s GeoIP Country Lock extension adds a stunning capability of allowing/restricting access to your store based on IP addresses. Block IP addresses or countries either as a single or in a group. Store owners are able to see onl....

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