Images & Media

Images & Media Extensions For Magento

Collection of Magento media extensions for merchants to post and manage multi-media content in online stores. The merchants can easily add and manage banners, images, videos under product, CMS, and category pages. This category includes extensions like Professional banners, product videos, media gallery, photo gallery, video testimonials, category banners, N-banner blocks etc

  • Magento Photo Gallery & Product Gallery

    Photo Gallery & product Gallery Magento extension is a complete suite that allows you to display images and photos in a gallery on wall page as well as on the product pages. This responsive image gallery module creates a wall pag....

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  • Media Gallery & Product Videos

    Magento Media Gallery Extension creates a landing page for product and category videos/images, which are presented elegantly in different tabs. You can add videos to product, category, Home and CMS pages from different sources suc....

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  • Category Banners

    Magento category banners extension allows you to add Image slider to your product listing page. You can highlight product offers which are specific to categories. Promote your business offeres with these banners by directing the ....

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  • Magento Slider Extension

    Professional Banners is a powerfull and resonsive Magento banner slider extension that helps you to display banners on homepage, category, CMS pages. Magento slider extension allows you to manage your promotional and advertising c....

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  • Product Videos

    Differentiate your website from the competition by utilizing the power of videos. Display your vision, creativity and put real, breathing representation of your products and services on your website. Add video tutorials, video rev....

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  • Magento Video Testimonials

    Share the experiences of your existing customers with your website visitors. This product video testimonials Magento extension allows you to display video reviews on product pages as well as on a wall page. Customers can directly ....

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  • N Banner Blocks Magento Extension

    N Banners Blocks Magento 1.9 Extension is useful for adding custom blocks to cms/home/category pages. Blocks can be up to N levels. Banners can also be associated with Blocks by uploading images through multiple image upload facil....

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