SEO Extensions For Magento

Search engine optimization is a vital part of any internet marketing strategy. The recent studies have report more than 65% of the total website traffic comes from search engines. Considering the importance of SEO for online business FME offers collection of Magento SEO extensions which include Link exchange directory pro, advance sitemap and SEO suite.

  • Link Exchange Directory Pro

    Are you looking for a very cost-effective and efficient strategy for online marketing using Magento? Then FME’s Link Exchange extension does provide you a solution. Link exchange has never been so powerful and easier than what t....

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  • Advance Sitemap & SEO Suite

    FME's Advance Sitemap is mainly developed for SEO purpose and it not only provides an easy and full of options management and creation of Sitemaps but also a unique way with attractive, decorated and eye caching view for the sit....

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