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Catalog Magento Extensions

Catalog Magento extensions to let you improve your products’ catalog. You can add products sliders, testimonials, FAQs and highlight specific items in order to enhance the look and feel of your catalog. In this category you will find extensions like copy categories, ajax catalog pro, product slider, geo-ip country lock, etc

  • Magento FAQ + Product Questions

    Magento Product Questions extension enables you to create a dedicated FAQs page as well as a product questions Tab on every product page. Captcha enabled “Ask a Question” form is added on each product page for quick product in....

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  • Magento Price Match

    Pricing is the key factor contributing to your product’s selling and dominating the market. FME’s “Found a lower price? Tell us!” Magento extension allows you to adopt the pricing strategy that will be consistent and cu....

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  • Magento Product Attachments & File Downloads

    Magento Product attachments extension allows your customers to download files, manuals, audio/ video and other downloads from product pages as well as CMS pages. This file uploader Magento module supports all file types such as PP....

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  • Color Swatches

    This extension comes with the most striking and requested features. Your customers can now see a picture of your products in different colors, sizes etc. that you are selling to make their selection. It stretches out fascinatin....

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  • FME Product Testimonials

    Magento Review Extension allows you to display reviews on the product page to build trust among users. Enable slider to make it more appealing. Allow users to reply, rate and like the reviews which ensure customer engagement. Mage....

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  • Advance Featured Products

    Make the best products you have in your store prominent by FME’s Advance Featured Products extension. It provides extensive configurable modules at the backend for the products you want to make as featured. This extension effect....

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  • Advance New Products

    Even the best products won’t sell if nobody knows they exist. Communicating the new products to audience requires a very smart strategy to be established. FME’s “Advance New products” extension provides an excellent way of....

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  • Magento Social - AJAX Login Register

    Magento social login extension prevents refreshing of your pages when customers login or register to their account. This AJAX login extension creates a smart bar on the top that allows your customers to login through social media ....

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  • Magento Ajax Catalog Pro

    Magento AJAX scroll extension makes your online store surfing faster by implementing infinite scroll. Our Infinite scroll module allows you to use ‘Show More’ button to load more products or enable auto-appearing through scrol....

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  • Magento Previous Next Product

    Magento Previous Next Product Extension greatly reduces the time consumption & eliminates frustration caused by page reloads, backn-n-forth movement when customers browse for products. Magento prev next buttons now provide a bett....

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  • Copy Categories Magento Extension

    Move / Duplicate category and its sub-categories quickly and easily by using Magento 1.9 copy category extension. The module allows you to duplicate categories with new category name through a search and replace functionality. Ma....

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  • Magento Price List Export

    Generate PDF catalog quickly with price details and other product details. Customers can download catalog list in a PDF or an excel file. Download buttons are shown on home, category and products pages. You can display custom prod....

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