OtherOctober 4, 2012

Web Spam and Duplicate Content Can Bring your E-Store Down

Web Spam and Duplicate Content Can Bring your E-Store Down

Penguin and Panda are two different types of algorithms finding websites which are playing games with search engine. Panda is looking for those websites, blogs, online stores and portals which are using low quality or duplicate content. As Penguin is looking for web spam, let’s have a look towards both in detail.

SEO people know about these things, purpose of writing this post is to let E-Store owners know about search engine policies. A Store owner should keep an eye on his search engine rankings because traffic from Search engine is backbone of your revenue and once the backbone is broken, it takes whole body down with it.

Being an owner of an E-Store you don’t have time to monitor your SEO or marketing people all the time and you are not even sure that you hired a right SEO guy because your SEO knowledge is not up to the mark. So I want Owners to make their concepts clear about Search Engine policies and Algorithms.

Web Spam or Penguin

Penguin came in action on 24th April 2012 and caused a massive destruction. It encountered web spam from all over the web and made search results better for users. Highly reputed websites, E-Stores and Blogs were affected by penguin and they lost their lively hood over night because they were going against Google guidelines. My point is that you should avoid all those manipulative techniques which invited penguin to come and hit your website. Make sure you SEO team are using white hat techniques so you can keep penguin away. Make sure your team is taking care of following things while attempting for high SERPS:

  • Anchor Text Diversity
  • Link diversity
  • Genuine content (Researched base and User Friendly)
  • Proper high quality link building techniques

Google Panda (Duplicate, Low Quality Content)

Panda Came before Google Penguin and for me It was the first ever user friendly Google algorithm. Users were happy with Google because all low quality and thin sites were out of the picture and users were getting quality search results. Panda targeted websites, E-stores and blogs using low quality content, duplicate content and low quality link building schemes. E-Store owner should review his website to see if his store is not going against Google’s guidelines. Make sure your content is not thin, low quality or duplicate. Make sure your team is not using software like thousands back links in one click or others like this.

Go slowly, be consistent and go for quality content and follow white hat Google techniques and you will see an increase in your traffic and sales.