Top 9 Magento 2 Product Labels Extensions (2023 Updated)

Top 9 Magento 2 Product Labels Extensions (2023 Updated)

Magento 2 product labels extensions help enhance your e-commerce store by allowing you to create, manage, and display eye-catching labels on your product images. These extensions offer a range of features that enable you to highlight key product information such as "Best Seller", "Special Offer", "Top Rated",  "New Arrival" , etc. This not only improves the visual appeal and informational value of your online store but also increases sales of specific products.

In this blog post, we are going to list the top 9 Magento 2 product labels extensions with features and prices. This will make it easy for you to pick the one that most suits your specific requirements.

1. Magento 2 Product Labels by FMEextensions

  • Add text and image labels
  • Upload custom labels
  • Customize label's text, color, size
  • Position label anywhere on product image
  • Use conditions to add labels to specific products
  • Restrict labels to specific store views and customer groups
  • Add multiple labels to one product
Price: Community: $109.99          Enterprise: $309.99

2. Magento 2 Product Labels by Amasty

  • Use ready-made shapes as labels
  • Upload custom labels
  • Product labels for “Free Delivery” and “Stock Status”
  • Show labels in widget with related products
  • Automate promotions using labels with conditions
  • Hyva-compatible
Price: Community: $209          Enterprise: $509

3. Magento 2 Product Labels by Mageplaza

  • PWA-ready
  • Ready to use templates
  • Display product labels based on rules
  • Design labels with custom CSS
  • Customize labels messages by variables
Price: Community: $149 first year then $89.4/year           Enterprise: $349 first year then $209.4/year

4. Magento 2 Product Labels by Aheadworks

  • Display CSS shape, image, or text labels
  • Create rules for label display
  • Display multiple labels on one product at a time
  • Options to display large, medium or small labels
  • Preview label
  • Hyva compatible
Price: Community: $169          Enterprise: $339

5. Magento 2 Product Labels by WeltPixel

  • Add stickers under short description
  • Add custom CSS to design labels
  • Set conditions to automate label display
Price: Community: $199          Enterprise: $399

6. Magento 2 Product Labels by Magedelight

  • GraphQL compatible
  • Set the maximum number of labels to be displayed on a single product
  • Customize text on product labels with custom CSS
  • Display labels based on product attributes
  • Create duplicate product labels
Price: Community: $149          Enterprise: $299

7. Magento 2 Product Labels by Webkul

  • Design promotional stickers
  • Define the length and width of the label
  • Define the label position as Top-Right, Top-Left, Bottom-Right, and Bottom Left
Price: Community: $79          Enterprise: $158

8. Magento 2 Product Labels by Mirasvit

  • Hyva ready
  • Create flexible rules for managing promotions
  • Select label display position
Price: Community: $99          Enterprise: $248

9. Magento 2 Product Labels by Landofcoder

  • Supports PWA, REST API, GraphQL
  • Use conditions to automatically display labels
  • Customize labels with text, color, size, or custom CSS
Price: Community: $129          Enterprise: $229


If you look at the features of the above product labels extensions they are more or less the same i.e. all of them offer ready-made label templates and allow custom labels. You can place the label anywhere and use conditions to auto display labels on specific products, etc. The only distinction lies in their pricing and support. Choose the option that provides the most optimal combination of price and support services.