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How to Restrict Payment Method by Customer Groups in Magento 2?

How to Restrict Payment Method by Customer Groups in Magento 2?

After reading the title, you may be wondering why anyone would search for ‘Magento 2 payment method by customer group’. After all, it makes little sense to offer only specific payment methods for some customer groups. Well, after reading this article, you’ll know that restricting payment method by customer groups is not only important but a must-have feature for every online store.

Need for Magento 2 Payment Restrictions by Customer Groups

There are several cases wherein you may need to apply Magento 2 payment restrictions by customer groups.

International Customers

Suppose you serve two markets – A and B. Your store is based in market A, thereby allowing you to offer cash on delivery (CoD) payment method. Market B represents another country. It makes little sense to offer the CoD to international customers. Thus, the best option is to restrict the CoD for the international customers.


Unfortunately, payment fraud is a serious concern for online businesses. The below image provides an overview of the most common types of online payment frauds.


Source: Statista

According to the above image, Google Pay and Apple Pay are the two most secure options since the instances of fraud with these two platforms is quite low. If your store is experiencing high levels of frauds from a specific customer group (e.g. Market B), you can restrict their payment methods to the most secure options only. This allows you to continue operating in the market and curtail losses simultaneously.


Did you know that Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are no longer available to the Russian market? These restrictions were announced in the aftermath of the Russia-Ukraine war. To ensure compliance with these restrictions, the only option is to restrict the three payment methods for Russian customers. Instead, they can use other payment channels that are still legal.

Customer Preferences

Certain customer groups show a preference for specific payment methods. For example, iPhone users have a natural inclination towards Apple Pay. After determining each group’s payment preferences, you can restrict the other payment methods for them. By offering them their desired option only, you can streamline the checkout phase and reduce cart abandonment rates.

Payment Gateway Issues

Payment gateways charge taxes and other fees based on the customer’s location. Suppose you are offering gateway A to customers in X and Y. Since A is based in market X, the fees will be much lower. However, market Y represents another country where A has no presence. It is quite obvious that A will charge a higher fee for customers from market Y. Restricting the gateway for Y customer brings down the purchase costs and improves the user experience.

Restrict Magento 2 Payment Method by Customer Group

By default, Magento offers following payment methods:

  • Check/money order
  • Bank Transfer
  • Purchase Order
  • Zero Subtotal Checkout
  • Cash on Delivery

If you would like to disable any of the default or other payment methods, you need to get a Magento 2 extension. This is where we would like to introduce the Magento 2 payment restrictions extension that allows you to restrict different payment methods by a variety of attributes. The ability to restrict payment methods based on different attributes is what makes this extension a must-have.

Restrict Payment Method by Customer Groups in Magento 2

To restrict payment methods by customer groups, you need to create a payment restriction rule.

  • First of all, download & install Payment Methods Restrictions Extension by FME.
  • Then Open Admin Panel and Tap FMEextensions on sidebar > Click Manage Restrictions Rules
  • Now Click Add New Rule
  • Fill the following required fields:
  • Name – Define the name of payment restriction Rule
  • Status – Enable/Disable the Rule
  • Payment Methods – Choose the payment method that you want to restrict
  • Store Views – Specify the store view where rule will be applied
  • Priority – Set the rule priority
  • Apply Operation as AND/OR - Set operation to AND if all conditions fulfils the requirement / Set to OR if any of the condition fulfils the requirements
  • Now Click Customer Group Tab
  • Select the Customer Group for which you want to apply the payment restrictions rule
  • Save the rule.

Some of the other features of this extension are:

magento-2-payment-restrictions-extension Also, checkout our tutorial to Restrict Payment Methods by Specific Customer.


This concludes our article on how to restrict payment method by customer groups in Magento 2. If you have any questions related to the above discussion, extension, or anything Magento-related, reach out to our team.

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