Advance News Management Extensions for Magento

We constantly update our store with latest inventions of our professional Magento developers according to the need of web store owners. As magento gave us a wide opportunity to startup a new business with multiple options and the flexibility of a store is covered up from a specific region to the whole world and to create a shopping mall under a single URL with multiple Magento Themes, languages and Multiple currency support.

Although default magento store is sufficient enough to run a single or multiple stores but to increase the efficiency of your store on all aspects e.g; Sales, Good Will etc etc. Keeping these factors in mind FME professional magento developers are working hard to hit the bulls eye of your desired targets. We develop latest Magento Extensions timely regarding your requirements and also offer services to customize these extensions, so you can run your business smoothly.

One of our latest developments in the category of extensions is “Advance News Extension”; it is developed to assist the online merchants and their visitors with a quite smooth interface to execute your store news. It allows the merchants/store admins to create news with numerous attractive features. The admin have full authority to play with the news published using this extension.

The main feature of this extension is to present the news in categories; even you can create nested categories and submit your news to any category. You can set the Meta information of these categories URL’s which make this extension truly SEO friendly. It allows you to present the news with main image and you can select any of the submitted news as featured one. That’s not all you can share reference URL’s, Rate your news, relate it with some other news and also put Meta data for each single news. Through administration; users can be allowed to put comments, rate the news and also to disable commenting option and to delete the irrelevant comments. If the extension is not being used then you can disable it for the time being to save a bit of extra uploading time. You can get the free live demo of this extension at FME Extensions and also if you are looking to run an online store then you can get the help of our professional developers over Magento Themes selection.