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Magnifier Types With Examples - Magento 2 Image Zoom Extension

Magnifier Types With Examples - Magento 2 Image Zoom Extension
Magento 2 Product Image Zoom extension by FME enables you to facilitates the visitors to zoom product images for a detailed overview. This extension also allows you to magnify images on hover and display them in a full attractive light box preview. The extension features an impressive list of magnifier types which can be changed from its configurations. Buy Now

9 Magnifier Types With Examples

1. Basic Zoom

  Basic Zoom As the name states basic zoom is the default magnifier settings for the extension. You can change the zoom window of basic zoom only with this magnifier type.

2.Tint Zoom Effect

  Tint Zoom Enabling this magnifier type put the zoomable image in a color (tint) on your choosing. The tint magnifier type also lets you chose the tint opacity and the magnifier window length and width.

3. Inner Zoom

  Inner Zoom Inner Zoom magnifies the as a whole within the image display area. Other than window length and width which are a standard feature of all magnifier types, inner zoom lets you change the cursor type to a variety of option like Cross Hairs, Grabbing, Pointer, Zoom In and Cell. You can also enable scroll zoom option for higher magnification.

4. Lens Zoom

  Lens Zoom Similar to Inner Zoom, Lens Zoom also magnifies within the image but instead of magnifying the entire image it creates a ‘lens’ which magnifies the area within. Other features include lens type can be changed to a circle or rectangle, lens size can be changed and you also can enable scroll zoom option for higher magnification.

5. Fade In / Fade Out

  Fade In - Fade Out ZoomAs the name states Fade In / Fade Out is a Basic Zoom magnifier with the ability to fade in or fade out the zoomer. You can customize the fade in / out timings of the window as per your requirements.

6. Easing

  EasingSimilar to Fade In / Fade Out magnifier, this magnifier uses the Easing effect on the Basic Zoom Magnifier.

7. Mousewheel Zoom

  Mousewheel ZoomMousewheel Zoom magnifier lets you enable scroll zoom option for higher magnification on the Basic Zoom magnifier type.

8. Window Position

  Position Zoom WindowWindow Position magnifier lets you change the position of the zoomed window to any possible position that you may prefer. The GIF shows the window position to be ‘Bottom Right’.

9. Custom Design Window Zoom

  Custom Design Window ZoomEvery feature the above mentioned magnifiers have, Custom Design Window Zoom does as well. This magnifier is the sum of all the magnifiers where you can customize based on your preferences.

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