Magento 2Magento ExtensionsSeptember 16, 2013

Why Customers Testimonials are Essential For your Business ?

You may have seen some advertisements on small business websites declaring themself one of the best company. But have you ever thought that why people will believe on their advertisements? There are hundreds of companies running same business and each one says that they are better, they provide best services etc. But again same question why people will believe in only the words. The answer of this question is that people want to know about your products or services from third parties or other customers who have used them before. Customer testimonials plays third party role in order to gain the trust of your visitors.

Testimonials from happy customers raise the value of your products and services. They are very authoritative components of a useful PR message and can build your reliability quickly. What customer testimonials do is that they provide your website visitors with valuable experiences of existing customers, about your services and products you provided them.  The positive words by your customers can build trust and credibility. Customers Reviews  is not a new thing in business. It’s a simple concept that’s easy to understand.

‘Don’t believe what I say, instead believe what other people say’

What many company owners don’t recognize is the value of testimonials and what these customer reviews can do for their business. Customers’ feedback plays vital role in growing your business, when new visitors will see positive reviews from your existing customers, they will definitely purchase your products. Magento Review extension enables your customers to post their reviews about your products.