Magento 2NewsApril 29, 2015

Magento Expands Platform Capabilities For Online Retailers: Announcements Of Imagine Commerce Conference 2015

Magento Expands Platform Capabilities For Online Retailers: Announcements Of Imagine Commerce Conference 2015

eBay, the owner of Magento platform, has announced the release of new products and partnerships. These new announcements were made in the annual Imagine Commerce Conference at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The new releases are meant to provide online retailers

  • Enhanced capabilities of payment and merchandising
  • Better business insight
  • Cloud hosting options

Magento is collaborating with New Relic to come up at better software and better Magento extensions to help better decision making. It’s part of Magento’s planning to deliver what customers want, means ensuring

  • Mobile friendliness
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Affordability

According to Mark Lavelle, Senior Vice President, commerce technologies, eBay Enterprise, the new developments are enhancing the capabilities of Magento platform and making it a strong leader of the ecommerce world, catering to the needs of all business sizes. He further explained that Magento platform is growing at fast pace, providing speedy access to the market while ensuring enhanced customer experience.

Here is given brief detail of the innovations introduced by Magento.

New features added to the Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.2 and Community Edition 1.9.2 are following:

  • Capabilities to sort product categories are automated now in the Enterprise Edition. It helps faster merchandising while highlighting products that are performing better and yielding high profit.
  • New automated functional tests are added that lower the testing time and helps
    • Enhanced implementation quality
    • Less time to reach market
  • Google Tag Manager is added to the Enterprise Edition. It allows
    • Quickly accessing markets for new launches
    • Collection of accurate data
    • Advanced reporting and analytics

Magento Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK)

Using this kit, retailers can develop tailored iOS apps, supporting high mobile sales. It will also help in building brand loyalty. Having a mobile app is integral to experience more sales and profit because the global mobile app users are crossing the boundary of 2.17 billion till 2015. There are more users after mobile shopping and using lifestyle apps. The new SDK of Magento carries complete resources to create a tailored Magento app, hence reducing the time to development. There is a sample app in the SDK as well that can be customized by the retailers.

Braintree Payment Extension

Collaborating with Braintree, Magento platform is providing enhanced payment capabilities to the online retailers. It is quick to install app that ensures

  • Improved sales
  • Lower risk
  • Better customer experience

It is easy to integrate this Braintree app into the Magento store. Merchants can accept global payments and protect from fraud with the help of Kount. Online retailers have found a sharp decrease in fraud rates after implementing Braintree.

New Relic Extension

A new extension is also released for New Relic software analytics platform. Merchants will have a better look of their hosting environment health and performance of the application. Retailers can get to know the actual cause behind any issues and come up at new ideas to improve the site performance. Using this extension, Magento customers can track

  • Order activity
  • Average order value
  • Catalog size
  • Installed extensions

After knowing these things, they can conclude about the website performance and ultimate conversions.

Collaboration With Lagrange Systems

Magento is collaborating with Lagrange Systems to provide enhanced customer experience regardless of the site hosting location. CloudMaestro is the powerful solution by Lagrange Systems that ensures matchless speed in cloud deployments. It optimizes the website performance, fulfills traffic demands, and ensures the needed capacity by self-healing the server resources. Keep in mind that Lagrange Systems is the Magento Gold Technology Partner.

There is more to come by Magento in terms of enhanced store functionalities, security, and improved website performance. To stay up-to-date, keep in touch!