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How to use Magento Color Swatches to change Product attributes

How to use Magento Color Swatches to change Product attributes

Color Swatches is one of the highly impressive Magento Modules that catches minor ‘browsing habits’ of customers and brings them pleasant choices for selecting product options on product page. After all decoration and performance are two turning points for any website’s success. Spending some resources on this mission will most definitely bring fruitful results as it is a proven experience.

How does Magento Color Swatches work

In line with some other great Magento Modules which are developed to add performance enhancements to the site, this module actually allows customers to select attributes of products when they are on a product detail or listing page by utilizing Magento Color Swatches.  It’s like a color wheel or color selector tool, whenever customers click on any color option, its corresponding attribute for that product changes accordingly. So customers do not have to click on drop downs or check any radio buttons for this.

Hence they do not find themselves  doing hard work by selecting options from these drop downs, Magento color swatches is a fancier and very effective mechanism of selection.  This module works with all kinds of products such as configurable, simple, grouped etc. and all kinds of attributes like manufacturers, size, colors etc.  To give you an example consider a product that has multiple sizes, typically you will have this created as a configurable product having a drop down option with different sizes.

Customers can then select any size from the drop down, when the size is changed its price is also change accordingly. This plugin allows store administrators to place Magento color swatches on product pages and associate each color options with product attributes. Then instead of utilizing drop downs customers can click any color option from the colors swatches and this plugin will automatically change the size of that product.

Store admins can create product attribute such as “Color” which is set from the backend section of this module, and the color options as per below image. These options will then appear on product page. On selection of any option, the attribute will be changed without any page reload.

User friendly Magento Modules such as this one includes following features:

  • Attribute code can be set by Admin that is used for color options.
  • Customizable Magento Color Swatches size.
  • Color swatches are shown on product listing and product pages.
  • Images will be changed according to the drop down selection.
  • Custom code usage on CMS pages and PHTML files.
  • Customizable image dimensions.
  • Customable number of thumbnails to be resolved.
  • Customizable number of Color swatches to be resolved.

Magento Color Swatches plugin is among the very simple and impactful Magento Modules. It has a very simple backend configuration section. It is choice for eMerchants who wish to attract customers with the design and performance of their store as it adds significantly to both of those elements.