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How to Add Size Chart in Magento 2?

How to Add Size Chart in Magento 2?

If you are one of those people who love to order clothes and footwear online, then you share the same concern as countless others – will the product fit you? Indeed, sizing issues cause a great deal of concern amongst online buyers. If the product does not fit, they must go through the hassle of changing the size. Depending on the eCommerce store and their customer service, this can prove to be a nightmare.

Based on our research and experienced as a leading Magneto extensions company, size-related issues are one of the top reasons behind cart abandonment. If you don’t believe us, look at the below statistic.


Source: Statista

The above statistic shows the cart abandonment rate by niche and device. If you take a close look footwear and apparel have quite high cart abandonment rates. Size anxiety pushes buyers towards in-store shopping. It means fewer online sales. Therefore, we can conclude that if you resolve their size-related concerns, your store will benefit from an increase in sales.

Of course, size is not just for apparel and footwear. Products such as handbags, blankets, tiles, furniture sleeping bags, etc., all require an online sizing chart. It allows customers to choose the size they think is fit for them, thereby making their purchase decisions easier. Adding a size guide in Magento is easy as 1,2,3 with our Magento 2 size chart extension.


Size Chart

Magento 2 Size Chart extension: Prevent returns with size guides on product pages for confident purchases.

Size Chart in Magento 2

If you own a Magento store, chances are that you have several hundreds of products in your store. Every product may have different sizing requirements. Sizing guides also vary from one brand to another. It seems almost impossible to create a size chart for every product manually. Here comes our tried and tested Magento 2 Size Chart Extension which offers a lot of innovative features.

It is a highly useful tool that allows store admins to create user friendly sizing guides for different products with ease. Below, we’ll discuss some of its most innovative features and see how this might help you solve the sizing dilemma for your Magento 2 store. If you are not interested in reading about all this, you can skip to a live demo. Our experts will explain you all the features and address your queries as well.

1. Create as Many Customizable Size Charts as You Need

The extension lets you create as many size charts as you need according to the sizing requirements of a particular brand or manufacturer. Not to mention the ease with which you can do this. Create as many rows and columns as you need to provide a detailed sizing guide. You can give each size chart a name, set its priority and also upload an image for size diagram.

2. Assign Size Chart to Products via Flexible Conditions

To link Size Charts to specific products or categories, you can set a combination of Magento rules. Just set the conditions using different product attributes and you are all set to display size charts for all the products that meet the conditions. Note that this module is compatible with all product types.

3. Display Size Chart in Popup or Tab

Store admins can select between two display layouts for size charts. In classic layout, the information will be shown in tabs (just like reviews or FAQ). Customers can quickly jump between tabs to get the necessary information. Alternatively, they can choose to display it in a popup. You can set the anchor text and icon for users to click to display the chart in popup.

4. Format Size Chart Content

Use the style configurations to format the size chart header and body. You can select a font size, font colour, and background colour that complement your website theme.

How To Add Size Chart in Magento 2 Using The Extension?

It’s pretty simple to add multiple size guides and attach them to products. With Magento 2 Size Chart extension by FME, you can display size chart in a responsive popup or in a separate tab right on the product page.

magento 2 add size chart

Just follow the steps below and you will be done in no time.

  • After installing the extension, navigate to FME Extensions and click Manage Size Charts.
  • To add a size chart, click Add New Size Chart.
  • Now populate the following fields.

Size Chart Name: Give the chart a suitable name

Priority: Set its priority with 1 being the highest

Status: Enable/Disable the chart

Image: Upload an icon to be displayed (optional)

Store Views: Restrict the size chart by store views and customer groups

magento 2 upload size chart image

Size Chart Column Label: Give column labels i.e. L, M, S, XS

Click ‘Add Data’ to add rows and values or click Choose file to upload a ready-made size table.

magento 2 add size chart column labels

To attach the size chart to products, click Conditions on the left panel.

Here you can set rules and apply conditions to select products and the size guide will be linked accordingly.

magento 2 add size chart conditions

When you are done, click Save.


By displaying accurate and detailed information regarding the sizing of every product, you greatly reduce customer’s anxiety and make their buying decision faster. Our Magento 2 size chart extension helps you achieve this effectively. If you have any questions regarding this article, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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