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How a blog can be beneficial for your website

How a blog can be beneficial for your website

Collaboration among people help them share their ideas, discussions; bring out some results as the outcome. Printed brochures, pamphlets, banners are distributed to share the same messages or advertisements. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter are all used for same collaboration even more than that. Conveying your message is important for many reasons, one of the reasons is the business advertisement. Blog is a kind of online gathering where people share their ideas, but it’s in a written format. One person writes something about any topic, others are free to comment on it.

It is a kind of great advertisement, you write a post about something that attracts millions of people towards your website which would be the only thing you would require to boost your business, Here are the benefits that describes How a blog can be beneficial for your website.

1. SEO Marketing

Suppose you have an online shop for Fancy Jewelryand are using any of related Magento Themes on your site, somebody opens up Google and enters “fashion jewelry”, “fancy jewelry”, or “stylish jewelry”.  Now Google or any search engine is something with which you can only speak in written. It actually means that search engines know about your website through the content you have on it. So what you can do is to create a blog post and use above keywords in it. In this way search engines will know that these keywords belong to your website so anybody searching for them, they will bring to your site.

2. Brands Building

Blogs build awareness of your brand among the readers. If you write interesting articles that catches readers, people will remember your brand and services and will refer to them in their similar discussions.

3. Differentiate your service from Competitors

It is one of the great way of emphasizing your expertise or features that distinguishes your products and services from others.

4. Strengthening Business relationships

If you are honest and writing efficient content, you can get recommendations from your customers which will put more influence on other readers and potential clients and will build your credibility. More and more people will get engaged in your blogs increasing tons of traffic to your site. This helps you target your audience perfectly such as Magento eCommerce Community. This makes perfect business relationships with existing and potential customers with the help of trust and confidence.

5. Social Media Marketing

Getting more traffic and spreading your message can be done easily through social network channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Stumbleupon, Reedit, etc.  It is called viral marketing, If you have not done so, start as soon as possible on these channels.

6. Lost cost

All these techniques are low cost and do not require any cost. You just need good content and there you go.

7.Site Exposure

A perfect looking website theme as mentioned above if you are using Magento eCommerce then you can select from different Magento themes any suitable one for your online store, will increase your site’s exposure.

These are some of the best reasons why you should start a blog for your website if you want to get benefits out of your business. You can refer to my other post on creating a charm in your website which provides details on must have quality features on your site. It takes an example of Online Store Magento Theme and its features which makes it a best selling  eCommerce Magento Theme.