OtherNovember 14, 2012

Global and Local Online Marketing with Google Maps

Global and Local Online Marketing with Google Maps

Google Maps Store Locator Magento Extension is an convenient and highly effective marketing tool for any business. Just imaging that you have started new online store and are struggling to plow your way through the market, means you are doing all efforts which will lead you to profitable sales. You might join seminars, clubs, parties distributing your business cards so that people may know about your business. Not knowing who actually will see it or not. Magento Google Maps is the biggest element in any marketing campaign.

Suppose you add your online store to Google maps local listing, any body using Google Maps for business will be able to locate your store along with your services and hence will be able to easily approach you. In this way without any physical effort you will get tons of traffic to your site looking for products that you are selling. Joshua Seaman Photography talks about the same success story who started back in 2009 adding his store to Google Maps Local listing centre. Not only your business address and services are advertised online but  more important thing is the reviews posted by clients. Few good reviews will bring more traffic to your site and definitely making your business a solid one.

Biggest benefits of local business listing comes from global visitors, definitely local residents will be able to find ads in newspapers or banners but not the global visitors. Because they will not be able to read your local newspapers. The only thing possible for them is the web search. Google Maps Store Locater Magento Extension incorporates the maximum features of global and local business listings. If you want to get maximum exposure to your business on Google Maps then Google Maps Store Locator is a right solution for you.

It offers following features:

  • Create multiple stores which are located in multiple locations and then display them on Google Maps.
  • Customers can search for any store with the help of products or address e.g. if you have 20 stores in US then customer can enter Google Nexus 4 to checkout which store has that product without visiting each website or physical store and waisting time.
  • Search results are sorted with respect to the minimum distance, means that nearest stores will be displayed first.
  • Google Maps Store Locator Magento Extension automatically calculates distance from user's location to each store and then suggests nearest one to them.
  • Get directions feature for customers
  • Google Map's markers and popup images can be fully customized such as their images, logos and text
  • Fully customizable Google Map's page such as title, sub title
  • There is no pagination or page reloads when there are too many store listings because they are all displayed in an elegant vertical scroller.
  • You also get the ability to set default coordinates or store whenever any customer lands on Google Maps page.
  • Overall this extension is easy to manage and use, it is fully customizable.

Ultimately you can get the most of global and local business listing benefits with the help of Google Maps Store Locator Magento Extension.