FME's Attractive Yet Functional Ajax Login Magento Extension

Magento Ajax Extension

I truly believe that you guys are keeping up with the updates of FME Extensions as we are updating our store with new extensions and themes every other day of the week. After a successful launch of Hot Products Extension, GEO IP Lock and FME HelpDesk extension, “FME M-AJAX” is another latest update of our store, its ultimate functional yet a must have Magento extension for the professional e-commerce. The basic aim behind the development of this extension is to assist the store owners and the customers of their to get login to their account more rapidly with a Cool interface. The M-AJAX extension also allow the new customers to create their account more rapidly and the store owners can add an attractive and important feature of Fast Login Ajax search in their stores with cart view.

The features of FME M-AJAX Extension in built points are:

Ajax Login / Registration:

  • Fast Login Option with Ajax
  • Ajax Registration

Cart View Options:

  • Cart items slider
  • Cart Summary

My Account Management:

  • ☞ My Account Navigation
  • ☞ Show only allowed options

Ajax Search Management

  • ☞ Can enable/disable the ajax search.
  • ☞ Auto Suggest Minimum Characters
  • ☞ Custom invitation text for search
  • ☞ Number of products to show in ajax search
  • ☞ Enable search on allowed attributes

Configuration features:

  • ☞ Can enable/disable the extension.
  • ☞ Can set Login Title
  • ☞ Can set the Register Title
  • ☞ Can set the Welcome Title
  • ☞ Can set the Welcome Content
  • ☞ Different color themes selection