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Why is Magento the Best eCommerce Platform for Businesses?

Why is Magento the Best eCommerce Platform for Businesses?

Setting up an eCommerce platform may seem easy considering the advancements in eCommerce development platforms like Magento, Shopify, and PrestaShop. However, it is not the case as it requires considerable time, resources, and expertise. But with the right platform, you will face fewer challenges and sell your products with ease. The Adobe Digital Trends Report 2022 shows that consumers still prefer shopping online despite the lifting of lockdown measures.

If merchants are to meet customers’ growing demands, they require robust eCommerce platforms that provide a seamless customer experience. Most eCommerce businesses and development companies agree that Magento is the best eCommerce development platform. Let us review the top reasons why eCommerce development companies prefer Magento. Remember that Magento is now rebranded as Adobe Commerce, so we shall both names interchangeably.

1.     Advanced SEO

Every eCommerce store owner wishes that their website ranks on top of Google's search engine results page for every keyword. It is only achievable with the help of search engine optimization (SEO). Magento recognizes the importance of SEO and provides built-in SEO features like optimizing URLs, developing a sitemap, advanced breadcrumbs, and rich snippets to highlight webpages on the search engine. In short, no other platform comes close to Magento in offering advanced SEO features.

2.     Highly Secure

It is one of the most secure platforms around the world. Adobe Commerce regularly features new security updates that protect your website and data against cyber threats. The platform uses hundreds of processes and controls to comply with industry-wide best practices and certifications. When buying goods and services online, the single most critical factor is security. If users perceive that the store lacks strict security protocols and their information is at risk, they will never complete the purchase. Security is one of the primary reasons why most Magento development companies in Toronto and elsewhere only deal in Magento.

3.     Magento Stores Load Faster

Numerous studies show the importance of a website's loading time. As internet speeds increase worldwide, users expect websites to load even quicker. A recent study shows that 47% of internet users do not wait more than 2 seconds for a website to load. In other words, if your eCommerce store takes longer than 2 seconds to load, you lose 47% of potential customers. Adobe Commerce or Magento keeps loading times to a minimum.

4.     Hosting Options

Some popular eCommerce platforms force you to buy hosting from them, which is quite unfair. Fortunately, Magento realises that it cannot cater to the hosting requirements of every store owner. Therefore, it allows you to avail of hosting services from otherproviders. It allows you to select a plan and provider that you feel is the best based on your requirements.

5.     Manage Multiple Websites

You can manage multiple websites, i.e. stores, through a single back-end admin profile. It is one of the unique features that make Adobe Commerce the preferred platform for large businesses. If you use other eCommerce platforms, you will need a separate back-end admin profile for each store.

6.     Multi-Language & Currency Support

Unfortunately, most eCommerce platforms do not provide support for multiple languages and currencies. Some provide support for only a handful. Magento enables store owners to add numerous currencies and languages without any restriction. The best thing is that you don’t need to buy a separate extension for any of them.

7.     Mobile-friendly

We live in an age where most internet traffic and online shopping comes from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly website is a necessity nowadays. Any eCommerce store or website set up through Magento is mobile-friendly by default. Furthermore, you can hire custom mobile app development services to outsource your coding tasks.

8.     Trendy

Magento keeps itself up to date to offer the latest features and security patches. It allows you to respond to changing customer requirements quickly. It helps improve the customer experience.

9.     Extensions & Third-party Compatibility

Lastly, Magento has one of the largest collections of extensions. It allows you to add new features with just a few clicks. For example, you decided against having an online chat feature initially. As the business expanded, you realised that you must have this feature. It meant extensive development work if you were on any other eCommerce platform. With Magento, all you need to do is search for the extension and install it. Also, numerous Magento development companies in Toronto and the world are continuously developing new extensions. Lastly, Magento is compatible with other third-party apps like content marketing systems which is a significant benefit.


In short, Magento is an excellent platform that allows you to set up unique, highly customized, and interactive eCommerce stores easily, irrespective of complexity. It offers a wide range of features exclusive to Magento, making it the preferred choice for business owners.