Why FMEExtensions is the most Trusted Magento Extensions Store?

Why FMEExtensions is the most Trusted Magento Extensions Store?

 FMEExtensions started Magento development back in 2009 and now is one of the most trusted Magento Extensions stores. Currently, more than 80 free and premium products are live and about 20 plugins are in queue waiting to get published. Some of the best selling Magento Extensions by FME include Shop by Brands, One Step Checkout, Media Gallery, Product Questions and Advance Testimonials.

Like every mature organization, FME has a dedicated department for each corner of the business such as Magento Themes development, extensions, support, marketing, audit department etc. Why FME has more sticky customers? The reason lies in the fact that FME treats its audience the way they expect it. It does not treat entire Magento community with just one rule. The capacity to accommodate and serve each user differently is great.

The development team does not only focus on developing extensions that are best selling but here at FME, the team identifies the hidden corners where Magento merchants need a desperate solution but could not find it. FME Extensions leads such cases by developing modules that are the real need of developers and owners such as Adaptive PayPal Magento Extension.

The second aspect why FME is the most trusted Magento extensions store is the flexibility of project terms. Once you buy any of our product or service, you become our loyal customers and we do more than what you expect. How? We have done hours of work for free for our loyal customers without charging them. This included working on revised requirements all the way, developing new plugins for required functionality etc.  This has developed a stronger bond with our customers.

At FME we just treat you as our good friend and we are willing to do anything you would expect from a friend. We believe that we will only succeed by winning your heart. You can browse our Magento Extensions Store and try out our services.