OtherDecember 18, 2012

Why Adaptive PayPal in E-Commerce Marketplaces

Why Adaptive PayPal in E-Commerce Marketplaces

There are thousands of market places over the internet where sellers and buyers come for different products including paintings, software, games, home and décor items, cell phones, fashion accessories and many other things. These online marketplaces are a trading point for buyers and sellers. People can buy and sell all types of goods on these E-Commerce platforms over the internet.

Magento with the help of Adaptive PayPal has brought revolution in e-Commerce industry. Our Magento Extension contains some features which can increase you sales over the night and with a couple of clicks you can manage payments easily.

Manage Payments Easily

Selling your online content and managing your payments was never so easy. You think I am kidding? Well I am not. Let me explain the functionality of our Magento PayPal Adaptive Payment Extension with the help of a Use Case to make you understand clearly.

Magento Adaptive PayPal Use Cases

With the help of some info graphics I will show you how it has become easy like anything to manage your online payments easily with Magento Adaptive PayPal.

Chained Payment Use Case

Suppose you have an online store and you are having a place where developers, video makers and musicians can sell their items. if a buyers is going to buy a game, a music album or anything. Buyer will pay only one receiver and later on that receiver can split payment and pass payment to secondary receivers like musician, developer or anyone who owns the product.

This requires one time configuration of Magento Adaptive PayPal extension which will automatically send payments to all recipients.

Parallel Payments Use Case

An Article Writing firm needs to pay the wages or salaries of writers on per month basis.  So what will happen that sender will set up some rules in Magento Adaptive PayPal Extension and it will automatically transfer salaries to accounts of employees.

Simple Payments Use Case

It’s a simple form of payment. A sender will send payment to one single recipient using Magento PayPal Adaptive Extension. In Adaptive Paypal Terms it is knows as Simple Payments.

So we have demonstrated you that with our

Magento Adaptive PayPal Extension

You can Send money peer-to-peer, split payments in both parallel and chained models, accept guest payments. The Adaptive Payments API works on multiple platforms including the web and mobile environments.