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Top 3 PrestaShop Addons for Your Store

Top 3 PrestaShop Addons for Your Store
Prestashop is one of the most commonly used eCommerce platforms worldwide. Due to its reliability and comparatively low cost of development as well as maintenance, it is being favored by many small to middle size businesses. Although as a platform Prestashop is open-source and free to use but if you want to integrate some must-have extra functionalities you need to hire a developer which can sometimes cost you a big chunk of cash. Instead of paying a developer, you can alternatively purchase an Addon or Module containing your desired functionality which can cost you a lot less. Here we are going to recommend 3 Prestashop Modules that almost every single store owner must have installed in their shop. From modules related to SEO to enhancing user experience, we will cover them all. Prestashop Pretty URL - Friendly and Clean URL Module Search engine optimization can be considered one of the most important aspects of any online business. Better SEO means better search engine rankings which in turn result in higher traffic and ultimately more sales. All SEO strategies usually start with URL optimization. According to google's own guidelines, a URL should be well defined, simple, and have no numbers or IDs. By default, each Prestashop URL has an ID number that you can not remove from the backend. This is where Prestashop Pretty URL Module comes in handy. You just need to install and enable it and within seconds all of your URLs will have a clean structure without any number. FME Modules Pretty URL has been downloaded more than 16,000 times from the official marketplace of Prestashop and has almost 500 reviews. This not only shows the level of trustworthness we offer but at the sametime it alos shows how important this module is for your your shop. Some prominent features that Pretty URL offers are:
  • Instantly optimize site URLs by removing default IDs
  • Redirects urls using 301 automatically
  • Offers duplicate report of conflicting URLs
  • Almost comatibile with every other module
Prestashop Product Labels and Stickers Module If you have an online store, you must know that the first thing that catches the attention of any visitor when he opens a product page is undoubtedly product image. Your product images should be eye-catching, high quality and optimized so that they can have good impact on customers. You can also use product images to show some useful information such as sales, price drop or stock quantity etc, to your customers. This can easily be done using Prestashop Product Labels and Stickers Module. You can use Labels and stickers to describe some unique or any other important feature which cannot be easily seen until the customer reads the whole content. For example you can add a label “NEW” for a product newly added to your catalog, or any sticker for “Buy one Get One Free” to show your latest special offer.  Our Product Labels and Stickers Module is a top rated and best-selling module on Prestashop Addons and has crossed 4500 downloads. Prestashop Product Label module has many features which can be used to make your catalogue more attractive and ultimately enhance the user’s experience and your revenue. Here are some useful features provided by FME Product Label and Stickers Module:
  • Add multiple labels, stickers and badges in the form of text and images on the product image.
  • Customize the stickers and labels, i.e.; opacity, alignment, etc.
  • Option to position labels on the product image with the help of a grid at backend.
  • Option to add text banners on the product page which can be customized from back office, i.e.; background color, text color, font size, etc.
  • Option to add Hints on the stickers which will appear on mouse hover.
  • Option to create multiple rules to apply stickers and labels on all or specific products. Products can also be excluded from the rules.
PrestaShop Registration Module The increase of the eCommerce industry, more people tend to make purchases online and the growth rate of this industry is increasing day-by-day. Keeping this thing in mind, we offer the most important and basic module for your online stores based on Prestashop. One such module is the PrestaShop Registration Module. This module will let site owners add different custom fields of their choices on the registration form page so that they can get important and additional information about their customers. Admin can make these fields optional or compulsory. Site owners can add these custom fields with a few clicks.All this information is available at backend for admins to utilize. FME Modules Prestashop Registration Module offers 8 field types i.e text fields, dropdown options, image or file upload field. One of the most powerful functions of this module is conditional fields. Conditional fields which allows admin to show fields according to the option selected by the customer. 
  • Option to add multiple field types on registration form
  • Option to set fields validation and make them mandatory
  • Offers dependable fields
  • Auto assign new users to specific user fields
  • Admin can edit user data from backend
  • Show custom fields on customer invoice