Magento Restrict Customer Groups – Product Review

Magento Restrict Customer Groups – Product Review

Restrict Customer Groups is a Magento plugin that imposes restriction on the view of users or group of customers. Core Functionality: This Customer Groups plugin provides the functionality that authorizes a webmaster to enable/disable particular section or whole website from customer groups.

Functional Description:

With Magento Store Restriction Extension, a store admin can limit the permissions of multiple customer groups whether they are general wholesalers, retailers, logged-in or registered users. By using Magento web access options, a website owner can exercise power to impose restriction on the visibility of CMS, product, category, static section or all those pages containing website stuff. The add-on also contains functionality that enables automatic redirection towards internal or external pages, according to requirements specified in the admin rules.

Overview About Functional Usability:

In order to show relevant information to different kind of clients, the interaction policy should be distinct and explicit, so that others could not access that information. Such approach enables merchants to concentrate on promotional strategy that eventually increases the value of customer in an active manner. The Ecommerce retailers who want to offer various commodities to different group of customers with one online store can certainly take advantage of module, as it individually manages each customer group.

Catalog Permissions:

The plugin enables retailer to display only those pages, which they want customer groups to view meanwhile, those pages remain concealed to other client groups.

Similarly, retailers can appeal viewers to login on website by establishing customer group permission on catalog of all products and single item.

Restricting clients from viewing desired item can be compelling, in order to get complete access customers might need login on Ecommerce store, in case of unauthorized access to intended page, restrict customer groups module instantly redirect customers to login/signup page. Hence, it helps in collecting valuable consumer information that consequently results in tuning up customer service for future interactions.

Support Of Rules To Restrict CMS Page Access:

Customer group manager extension simply allows creation of promotional rules, a webmaster defines rules for plugin to disallow access of restricted customer groups. These rules can be configured on whole product category, single product, about-us, contact-us, homepage and any custom page by making those pages invisible. In this way, store admin can restrict visitors’ accession without prior permissions.

Restriction On Page Access:

The extension includes advance features that are suitable for those web storeowners who are in search of complete admin authority on Ecommerce store, apart from generic features of Magento platform. Moreover, a storeowner can hide products for non-logged customers who wish to view particular product. Along with this, retailers can also configure multiple filters on categories & product pages that are only applicable to logged in clients, where access of other persons remains denied. Certain CMS pages predominantly allocated to target particular group of clients rather than ordinary clients.

As discussed earlier, the plugin incorporates user access rules in order to automate the entire processing of interface.  Through such rules a moderator can define explicit conditions for the implication of rules, which executes upon occurrence. The details of such rules are featured as follows:

Salient Features:

Following are the major features of extension:

  • It enables restriction on complete web-store, category, commodity and specific page.
  • The module allows configuration of restriction policies on Magento store pages for customer groups.
  • The Magento web access options extension enables page level redirection.
  • The plugin allows imposition of permissions on customer groups through admin defined access rules, a webmaster can define unlimited no. of  rules and priorities as per requirement.
  • The user-defined access rules in the module are based on the product attributes like SKU, color, category etc.
  • The extension hides unnecessary information from unwanted customer groups.
  • The add-on allows customization of error message that appears as user navigates to restricted page.

Lastly, the plugin can successfully used on multi-website business and module can manage the coordination between multiple website restriction plans.