Business Survival - Modules to Understand Customers Shopping Behavior

Lots of factors on your website affect the shopping behavior of customers. Understanding consumer psychology is absolutely important for business survival. That is why marketing efforts are always derived from factors such as web design, speed, discounts etc. There are lots of plugins that help in understanding customers’ shopping behavior, following are some Magento plugins developed by FMEExtensions to help you understand and market your products to the targeted audience.

These Magento Extensions include an intelligent formula to track customers shopping behavior and display products which they might be looking for.

Frequently Bought Together

This plugin displays frequently bought products on product page related to the item selected by the customer. For web store owner, it gives exposure to other products and drives traffic to those web pages. For customers, they get more opportunities before they make any buying decision. They may find any other suitable product and may come to know what people mostly like. For example, a customer looking for a cell phone might see products like pouch, head phones, skins etc. on product page which are frequently bought with a cell phone. Learn More

Who Bought This Also Bought

The difference lies in the fact that this module displays products which are bought by other customers. These suggestions are displayed on a product page in a stylish slider which can be positioned on left or right column depending on the page layout. Items that are displayed in the block can be filtered on the backend by stock and order statuses. Customers can select single or multiple products from this block and checkout easily. Learn More

Who Viewed This Also Viewed

This module displays important suggestions about the product that is currently in view by the customers.  Suppose a customer is looking for a 3G cell phone, he finds a cell phone that has a 3G capability. This may not be the only choice for him; there may be other 3G mobile phones way better than the one selected by customer. This Magento extension will display those suggestions to him on a product page.

This may save his time and money by providing him better options. The best example is of YouTube, when you view any video, you can see related videos section on the right column that is useful for most users. Learn More

These plugins automatically detect customers’ shopping trends and then display relevant suggestions so that you don’t have to manually do all of these activities and waste your valuable time. By adding these Magento modules to your web store you can expect more productivity, more users and growth.