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How To Find A Hosting Match For Your Ecommerce Site

Many ecommerce companies are increasingly relying on outsourced hosting companies for front-end site performance, protection against unwanted cyber attacks and malware and 24/7 site availability and customer services.

This post discusses essential points to be considered by ecommerce sites during their hunt for web hosting providers.

Note: Choose the Right Magento 2 Web Hosting Service Provider

Following are some parameters to evaluate web hosting providers for your ecommerce business:


There is very less correlation between price and quality of a web hosting provider. There are chances of a premium priced hosting service to provide an inferior experience, and a discounted hosting package consisting of all the specs you need. So do not determine web hosting service providers on the basis of premium charges. Instead always choose the offering with most suitable specification for your ecommerce site and charging competitive prices.


Ecommerce websites should go for those hosting providers that support your shopping cart software, and ideally the shopping cart should be pre-loaded with hosting account.

Customer services:

Providing 24/7 customer services is necessary for ecommerce businesses of present time. Thus if your online business has decided to wed a web hosting provider for your website then you must ensure that your hosting partner provides long term and high quality customer support services, as it is impossible to change hosting providers frequently.


Look for web hosting providers that offer more than mere servers. You should look into using a web hosting company that continually offers its customers with incentives like special features or add-ons, to make your ecommerce platform more attractive.


Get to know what sort of hardware a hosting company is using. You should consider hosting partners, who are tech savvy; who are at the top of the line and use out of the box technology and machines because hardware greatly impacts the performance of hosting provider’s servers and your ecommerce website.

And that’s not it! There are more essentials for ecommerce experts and other online businesses to consider while they plan wedding their company to a hosting provider. And these points will be very well addressed below.


To choose the right hosting providers for your ecommerce business, a free 30 minutes webinar called “Hosting Essentials for Magento, Enterprise Ecommerce” has been organized by Tenzing. The event will take place on February 4, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern U.S. time and Armando Roggio will be the presenter of this webinar, who is a contributor editor at Practical Ecommerce.

Following key points for choosing hosting providers, for Magento ecommerce or other enterprise level sites will be addressed in this half hour webinar:

  • Support Capability of the Hosting Services Provider: Having a motivated and dedicated support team, across various areas of expertise is pivotal for large scale ecommerce businesses. The support capability required by Magento stores and other enterprise sites includes ecommerce platform, various codes, database, protection and maintenance etc. In this webinar, expected on 4th February 2014, Armando will list top priority support essentials required by larger ecommerce sites, to assist them in evaluating hosting providers and choose the right hosting partner.
  • Level of Protection and Conformity Offered : It is very likely for high profile websites to attract hackers and crackers, malware, malicious software and bots and other cyber hazards. This calls for higher levels of protection and safeguard against these risks. In addition to that large ecommerce sites have particular compliance and regulatory requirements, which demand additional capabilities and knowledge at hosting providers’ end. Thus the webinar will also highlight various security and compliance issues that Magento and other enterprise platforms come across in their day to day operations, and will assist them in making the right choice when it comes to outsourcing their operations to the external hosting companies.
  • Storage Capacity and Upgrade Options: The webinar has also planned to list the storage and upgrade requirements of larger ecommerce websites. Because the larger the websites are, the more they require code, images and front end expertise. They also demand massive long term storage capacity and the ability to continually and frequently upgrade their platform and systems.
  • Ability to Withstand Seasonal Spikes: Fast front end performance, which can withhold huge amounts of traffic spikes, is essential for an ecommerce site’s success. Thus this creates the need of a performance-focused hosting configuration that never crashes. This webinar will highlight basic performance needs of ecommerce sites and provides ways to evaluate performance configuration of the hosting companies they are considering.

With rapid advancements in technology, hosting seems to become more of a commodity service. However, there is a wide variety and number of hosting providers in the market. So make sure you select the right partner for your ecommerce as your website's performance depends on it.