Capture 100 Million Customers in Just Few Seconds

Capture 100 Million Customers in Just Few Seconds

You will be delighted to know that these customers are from all around the globe, some having birthdays, some tying up in engagements etc. It’s amazing to know how these people are your potential customers. Each second millions of gifts are purchased for these people from online stores. You definitely can’t convince each one to visit your website and purchase from you, not a practical option.

But what you can do is to provide a platform for both parties, the one who will receive the gift and the one who will send it. If your website ranks well in search engines, out of all these people, millions will arrive at your website in few seconds. These are the people who shop online for some special purpose, and want to buy gifts for someone special.

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When we talk about the platform, we mean “Online Registries”.   Magento supports Online Gift, Wedding registries. This allows all these people to visit and create their favorite wishlists on your website. They can notify their relatives, friends about these wishlists, which ultimately brings all those people at your site, increasing conversions and sales ultimately.

You can add this platform to your website by installing Magento Gift Registry extension. Here are the key features briefly:

  • Create and manage multiple registries/wishlists such as wedding, baby, gifts
  • Add, edit and manage products in registry from accounts section
  • Registry personalization is supported, add messages for friends and any other information
  • Custom shipment options
  • PIN code for registry

This module creates a landing page on website where all public registries are available. Learn more about the features in detail and checkout demo by clicking on above link.