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4 Magento Extensions for Increasing Conversion Rate

4 Magento Extensions for Increasing Conversion Rate
Building a successful e-commerce can be a daunting task for someone who doesn’t have the proper knowledge on what designs and features work well for the end customers. Localization, personalization, creativity, and flexibility are the key to success in E-commerce. Magento is considered to be the most reliable e-commerce solution, and business owners prefer to utilize this platform by customizing their solutions as per requirements. In order to increase sales and conversion rate, Magento is loaded up with robust characteristics and extensions which you must have for any e-commerce store.

Magento Store Locator

It always helps customers to find your stores exact physical location. Google Mao store Locator is integrated with Google Maps and automatically detects the customer’s on spot area and provides all the routes and driving directions to the store location. The best features of the extension are,
  • The customers can find the store’s location by product or the address. These advanced search options allow customers to search for the site of the stores by entering a particular product name and further options like country name, state name, and Zip code.
  • It provides users the convenience to get directions instantly so that they no longer are forced to find it by themselves through the manual search.
  • The merchants can add products to the store’s location so that customers can search them relative to their preferred choice of product. This helps dealers to attach their popular products and attach them to the physical store location.
  • The merchants can add a custom image on Google map as a map marker to make their store more prominent and easy to identify.
  • SEO features can be used to rank your store’s locator page, and you can add keywords, custom Meta titles and description for better exposure, visibility and search engine rankings.
  • Advanced search option and customizations setting handle all the mapping, directions and navigation, so merchants don’t have anything to worry about.
  • Customers can obtain the precise instructions by searching the relevant product or address. It saves customer’s time and effort.

Magento Google Maps

It is an advanced and feature-rich extension that enables merchants to present their physical store location on a separate Magento store locator page. Advanced Google Map store locator displays the store’s physical location by using the same store locator page. The Google map finds the user’s location and sets a route as per their preferences to the nearest store. There are several other features like search by product or address, import stores through CSV files and sliders and much more. The best features the extension has to offer are,
  • A dedicated landing page that helps to display valuable information like products, images, and promotional content.
  • It gives you an option to present the products on store locator page through a sophisticated slider so that customers can find them with ease.
  • You can add your store’s credentials like phone number, fax number, and addresses. These features provide more visibility to the store and also allow customers to contact you directly.
  • Search store by product feature is also available and will show the store locations that currently possess the searched product in the stock.
  • The extension operates using Magento Google maps and you can get custom map maker image, and some additional features allow you to show the details such as phone number and address briefly.
  • Customers can find your store more accurately based on what product they are looking for if you add attribute labels according to type and category.
  • The customer can get the store either from a list or the map view. The merchants can also add the custom markers on map location that will magnify the position when the cursor hovers over it.

Magento One Page Checkout

This extension allows you to set the exhaustive Magento 6-page checkout into a sophisticated and user-friendly one step checkout. AJAX a based loading feature prevents checkout abandonment and provides an uncompromised speed to the user. You can also customize your checkout page by various color themes and customers can also send messages or feedback through the text field. The best features you get from this extension are,
  • Fields to find out sources form where the customers came to know about your store.
  • Because of the AJAX-based loading, there are no unnecessary page delays and all fields like shipping, and billing can be used immediately.
  • The merchants can introduce comments sections so that customers can send the feedback and share their opinions.
  • The fields can also be utilized if customers have any special requirement regarding any particular product or its shipment.

Magento Store Switcher

This Magento extension helps you to give your customers specific products and reviews as per their region. It automatically detects the customer’s location and directs them to a particular store assigned for that specific regions Here are some of the best features of this extension,
  • You can add and remove regions as per buying preferences, Govt. Policies and traffic from the back end. This helps customers from various regions to approach their store, products, and services customized and developed for their use.
  • The best feature is the auto-detection feature, and the extension automatically picks up the IP address of the visitor or else there is an option of staying on the current page on the regional store.
  • The extension is integrated with Maxmind GEO IP database which is the most accurate and database and helps e-commerce store websites detect the user’s location on Google Maps.
  • To make it more personalized for customer’s, you can provide exceptions to customers by inserting their IP addresses from the backend.
  • The increases the response on your services and products by adding regions and countries from the backend. To get further user attention, you can set a customized pop-up and manual redirection to the store.

Magento Blog Extension

Magento 2 Blog extension will help you attract and engage your customers and casual visitors. The more information you interact to blog, the more often the target audience visits your Magento store. Here are some of the best features this extension:
  • The extension has a smooth layout tool to change background, border, layout color as your expectation.
  • A great solution for creating a professional blog and customize it with your business needs with 7 beautiful styles in clear and trendy page layouts.
  • Freely select and arrange each related post in the easiest way to bring all great features from WordPress to the Magento store.
  • Having many different styles post layouts including both blogs and videos: Author Page, Latest Posts Page, Search Page,… for visitors can follow your marketplace.
  • Multiple languages are an outstanding function which is really helpful for everyone like English, German, French,…
  • You can schedule time to public blog posts whenever you want to attract more buyers to your marketplace store.
  • Higher ranking with SEO optimized by adjusting meta and tags that will drive more targeted audience to your stores.