NewsNovember 17, 2014

What’s New In Magento EE 1.14.1 & Magento Community Edition 1.9.1?

What’s New In Magento EE 1.14.1 & Magento Community Edition 1.9.1?
According to 2014 Internet Retailer 500, Magento is the first choice of top retailers. This ecommerce platform has been serving 240,000 online storeowners and occupies top position by powering 26% of Alexa 1 million sites. Magento lovers: the merchants and developers always look for what’s new at the platform, so here is the news for you…..
Magento has hit the ecommerce world once again by upgrading Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 and announcing Magento Community Edition 1.9.1. The latest updates, released by eBay Enterprise, a subsidiary of eBay Inc., include swatch capabilities for any new products and web design responsiveness across multiple devices. The new upgrades will make Magento a secure and better performing platform for merchants while offering a seamless buying experience for the customers. Note: You can download Magento extension for CE 1.9.1 & EE 1.14.1 from our store.  The visual merchandiser along with improved admin and support functionalities in Magento Enterprise edition helps merchants in quickly accessing the critical product information and reaching smarter decisions in no time. This powerful tool improves the merchants’ capability to display the products in an optimized manner, ensuring enhanced sales volume. According to Mark Lavelle, senior VP of Global Product Strategy division at eBay Enterprise, the new Magento updates allow merchants to provide enhanced shopping experience to their customers who are accessing the website from different devices, which ultimately leads to business growth through improved sales. “Quickly resolving any technical issues and managing product categories with ease are strengths of the new Magento releases,” he further added. Visual Merchandising Tool: This new tool in Magento Enterprise Edition allows merchants to preview the products and make any changes if needed, all in few clicks. They can create new product categories by duplicating the existing ones. Merchants can priorities the products using this tool so that the hero products (with special offers) could get a top display at each category page. Visual merchandising enables the e store owners to present their latest products in front of customers, boosting conversions, says Louise Bradtke of Bed Bath N’ Table. By introducing Visual Merchandiser, Magento fulfilled its commitment to provide innovative ecommerce solutions leading to high conversions for the e business owners. A quick access to the sensitive information, like product pricing and the stock level, helps the storeowners in efficient decision-making. According to Paul Boisvert, Product Management Director at Magento, by using new merchandising tool, merchants can improve upon the product display while making adjustments easily, which contributes the rising sales. Hire Magento Developer Better Insights With New Support Tool: Magento Enterprise Edition introduces a new support tool allowing merchants to resolve any technical issue in no time by providing them with detailed reports on working systems, store settings, and Magento extensions. Such information empowers the storeowners to tackle the issues in a timely manner. The good thing in the new Magento Editions is Universal Analytics. It’s a new standard of Google Analytics helping storeowners in streamlining the tracking process with custom metrics. It integrates the interactions carried out offline and on mobile app. Universal Analytics allows merchants to access current updates to any product feature. Swatch Capability For Better Product Presentation: This new capability in Magento Enterprise and Community Editions allows merchants to use swatches for displaying multiple product features. These swatches can be used on category pages, product detail pages, and even in layered navigation. By clicking a swatch, a consumer will get immediate product description along with image. Such a feature facilitates the consumers in making quick buying decision, helping more sales for an e business. New Feature Set For Responsive Design: This feature set in Magento upgrades of Enterprise and Community Editions allows the merchants to get a responsive theme for their e store. Merchants can reach the target audience (using different devices) in half time by using responsive emails, part of new feature set. Instead of making different websites for different devices, a single responsive website can serve the customers, saving merchant’s time and money. The new feature set reduces the maintenance cost of an ecommerce store while improving upon its quality. Merchants can also enjoy the SEO benefits of a responsive web design. Ensuring Security With Scalability: MySQL 5.6 and PHP 5.5 are given additional support in the latest updates of Magento Enterprise and Community Editions. Added MySQL 5.6 support ensures:
  • Improved website performance
  • Enhanced system scalability
  • Less server memory required
  • Superior debugging support
Added PHP 5.5 support ensures
  • Enhanced security
  • Easy accessing of code updates
Magento promises to stay merchant-friendly, delivering customer-friendly solutions, and ensuring online success. The new upgrades and releases are a step towards fulfilling that promise. Hoping to see revolutionary releases in future! For more Magento updates, stay connected to FMEextensions.