Magento 2.4 System Requirements | Complete Recommended List

Magento 2.4 System Requirements | Complete Recommended List
Due to the numerous advantages of Magento 2.4 such as improved performance, faster checkout, mobile friendliness, enhanced security, etc., many e-merchants have already made a switch. If you too are thinking to move from Magento 1 to Magento 2, read this tutorial to know the procedure, cost & benefits. Before you make a move to Magento 2, it is essential for you to know the minimum system requirements.

Magento 2.4 System Requirements

Following is a whole list of recommended system requirements for installing & running Magento 2.4 smoothly.

Operating System Requirements

  • Linux x86-64
  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS
  • macOS
  • Debian
  • Windows

Note: Linux is the recommended operating system in the Magento 2.2 official documentation. It runs very slow on Windows.

Magento 2 RAM Requirements

  • Up to 2 GB of RAM.
For less than 2 GB, create a swap file to avoid failure in the platform update process.

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome latest and the previous version
  • Internet Explorer version 11 or later
  • Microsoft Edge version 11 or later
  • Firefox latest and the previous version
  • Safari latest and the previous version (for Mac OS)
  • Safari Mobile

Magento 2 Web Server Requirements

  • Nginx 1.8
  • Apache 2.2 or 2.4

Database Requirements

  • MySQL 5.6, 5.7
  • Percona 5.7
  • MariaDB 10.0, 10.1, 10.2

PHP Requirements

  • 6.x
  • 5.x where x is 22 or greater
  • 0.2 to 7.1.0, except for 7.0.5
  • 1.3+  7.2.x (for Magento 2.3.0)
  • 3 (for Magento 2.3.3)

PHP Extensions Requirements

  • curl
  • gd, ImageMagick > 6.3.7
  • intl
  • soap
  • xml
  • xsl
  • zip
  • mbstring
  • mcrypt
  • mhash
  • openssl
  • SimpleXML
  • json (PHP 7 only)
  • iconv (PHP 7 only)

Magento 2 SSL Requirements

  • TLS (Transport Layer Security)
  • SSL for HTTPS

Note: Self-signed SSL certificates are not supported.

Recommended Mail Server

  • Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)
  • SMTP server

Magento 2 Enterprise Requirements

  • PHP extension: bc-math
  • Apache Solr 4.x
  • RabbitMQ 3.5
  • MySQL 5.6, MariaDB, Percona

Additional System Recommendations

  • The latest stable version of composer should be applied. Php_xdebug 2.5.x or later can be used for development reasons
  • PHPUnit 6.2.0 or later is offered as a command-line tool
  • Access to the frontend or the Admin after installation can be affected by xdebug issue
It is highly recommended that you upgrade your store to the latest version of Magento to get all its features & benefits. By fulfilling the above Magento 2.4 system requirements, you will be able to do it smoothly.

Magento Latest Resources

You can download the latest Magento version here. Checkout this guide to find more details regarding Magento installation & requirements. In case you encounter any issue in the upgradation, let us know and we will be happy to assist you. This article is about:
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