How to Import & Export Product Reviews in Magento 2?

How to Import & Export Product Reviews in Magento 2?

In this article, we will discuss everything there is to know about importing and exporting Magento 2 product reviews.

Importance of Magento Product Reviews

Customer reviews carry immense importance for business success. It is why we recommend businesses to make review generation a critical part of their marketing strategies. After all, various studies conclude that there is a strong correlation between reviews and sales. Thus, the more positive reviews you have, the more sales you are likely to generate.

Take a look at the below statistic to understand the importance of reviews in online shopping.


Source: Statista

As you can see, almost 70 per cent of online shoppers read anywhere between 1 to 6 reviews before completing a purchase. Less than 10% don’t read a review at all. So, will you cater to the 90% or the 10%? If you wish to achieve long-term success, the natural choice is to focus on the 90% who value reviews.

Indeed, reviews are valuable assets of any ecommerce store which take months and years to build. They increase customer’s trust over a product and help increase its sales. Almost all ecommerce store owners have reported a substantial increase in a product’s sales after getting positive reviews.

When it comes to in-built features, Magento is quite robust. It is amongst the numerous reasons merchants prefer it over other platforms. However, it still lacks in several areas. One area that it is lacking is product reviews. Unfortunately, when it comes to Magento 2 product reviews, there is no option to export or import them into the store.

Why Import or Export Magento 2 Product Reviews

If you are going to migrate your Magento 2 store to another platform, you simply can’t afford to lose hard-earned product reviews. Likewise, if you plan to migrate your store to Magento from another platform or have substantial reviews on social media platforms, you need to know how to import the product reviews.

Thanks to Magento’s powerful echo system and strong community, there are alternatives to every problem that not only cover the default limitations but also solve it more vigorously. Our Magento 2 Import/Export Product Reviews Extension has been designed to cater to the default limitation of importing and exporting customer reviews.

About the Magento 2 Import and Export Product Reviews Extension

The extension makes it extremely easy to import and export Magento 2 product reviews in bulk via a CSV file. You can also choose to export customer details with reviews. To know more about this extension, book a live demo now. With the module, you can import the following data:

  • Review Title and Description: The extension exports and imports the two core components of a review i.e. the review title and description. Thousands of reviews can be imported with all the content within a jiffy.
  • Review Status: A review can be approved or pending. The extension allows you to choose whether you want to export all the reviews or the pending reviews only. The pending reviews will be moved to the admin section but won’t be displayed on the frontend until approved by the admin.
  • Review Ratings: If you have allowed customers on your store to give you ratings along with reviews, the extension easily transfers this data too.
  • Review Date & Time: There is nothing associated with a review that you can’t export or import with this extension. It exports the date and time of every review without you even having to do anything.
  • Product SKU: You most probably have hundreds or even thousands of products in your Magento 2 store. In such a case, you would also want to know which review has been posted for which product. The extension caters to this and exports the product SKU against all product reviews.
  • Customer Type: Whether the review was posted by a guest user or a logged in user. This shows you the user name and tells you whether the customer was a new or a regular one.
  • Now that you know that the extension can easily export and import reviews with all possible data, it’s time to see how to do this using the extension.

How to Export Magento 2 Product Reviews?

For Magento product export, after installing the extension, click on System -> Export Product Reviews.

Configure the self explanatory fields.

  • Entity Type: By default, it’s set to Product Reviews.
  • File Format: By default, it’s set to CSV - Comma Separated Values
  • From Date & To Date: If you want to export reviews submitted in a specific duration, select the date range. For example, From October 16, 2020 To October 31, 2021.
  • File Name: Give the CSV file to be exported a name.
export product reviews in magento 2
  • Export Customer Details with Reviews: Choose whether or not you want to export customer details with reviews.
  • Export Only Pending Reviews: Choose whether you want to export pending reviews only or both approved and pending reviews. Choosing ‘No’ will export all the reviews.
  • Click Export.
magento 2 product reviews export

How to Import Magento 2 Product Reviews?

For Magento product import, after installing the extension, go to System > Import Product Reviews.

  • Entity Type: By default, it’s set to Product Reviews.
  • File Format: By default, it’s set to CSV - Comma Separated Values
  • Import Mode: Choose whether you want to merge or replace the existing product reviews with the imported ones.
magento 2 product reviews import
  • Show progress message: If you choose ‘Yes’, it will display an import progress bar and the number of reviews that have been successfully imported and the ones that have been rejected.
  • Error Message For Non-existing Review Id: If you select ‘No’, a new random Id is assigned by the system and then place it in the database. It ignores your assigned Id.
  • Attachment: Upload the CSV file that you had exported.
  • Click the Import Product Reviews button to import the reviews via CSV file.
import product reviews in magento 2

Sample Magento 2 Import and Export File

The file imported or exported using the extension has the following set of attributes that represent the reviews customers have left for the products sold at your Magento 2 store.

product reviews import csv file sample

Final Thoughts on Magento Product Reviews – Import and Export

This concludes our article on how to import and export Magento product reviews. If you've any issue regarding our extension, feel free to contact our support team for an instant solution.