OtherJanuary 10, 2013

How to Bring Millions of Traffic on Events

How to Bring Millions of Traffic on Events

Online Stores usually come up with discount offers, sales offers and such others on events like Christmas, Cyber Monday, New Year, Easter and others. It’s an art to feature your discount and sales offer so you can get maximum benefit out of it. If offers are placed in right way you are successful else you are out of the picture. New businesses should get more involved in this activity as discount and sales offers helps you making progress and competing challenges.

On events like Christmas, New Year people are more into online shopping because they get things on discounted price. You must be thinking that How should I bring maximum out of those million consumers to my store? Well FME which always provided innovative solutions has come up with a brilliant idea which will help you getting millions of consumers searching for events discount offers on your Magento online Store.

Allow us to present

Events Discount Packages Magento Extension

Module allows you to create different sales and discount packages on your web store for different events like New Year, Christmas, Store’s anniversary, Cyber Monday, Black Friday or at the time of launching of new product. This extension got all those features which can bring millions of consumers across the web searching for discounts and sales on Events.

Key Features

  • This extension will allow you to create unlimited discount events for your store.
  • It provides a URL to each event you create so the search engine can get your listing page and display it in results.
  • Time duration feature is also introduces so a specific period can be assigned to any event.
  • Cron job supported to flush event products.
  • It will create a separate page on your store which will display all of your offers regarding events.
  • Taxes can be set on products along with proper colorful scheme option to make your offer look more compelling.
  • To help you getting more conversions, Plugin is using Ajax to enhance user experience during checkout.
  • Simple discount offers, Bundle offers and discount on purchasing multiple items features are introduced. Like there is 100 $ discount on purchasing of two different items. 

How to Spread Sales and Discount Offers

As I have mentioned that module assigns a URL to any event you create. you can pass on that URL to different social media consoles and your consumers will also offer URL to their contacts. Use search engine techniques to get a good ranking position in search engine with the URL so you can get maximum portion of people searching for discounts across the web.

Get Events Discount Packages Magento Extension to give a boost to your store and to earn more on holidays and events.