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How to Add User Survey and Poll in Magento

Consumer surveys are extremely important for ecommerce websites. They allow you to quickly investigate any down fall, or the factors to make more progress. They allow you to track anything, what’s missing, what’s broken or what is causing low conversions. By adding a survey or conducting poll at your website you get amazing opportunities to learn more about your business and how valuable your services are.

FME has developed Magento User Survey extension for this purpose. You can create modern survey or poll and place it on any CMS or user registration page.  As mentioned above, the response of consumer survey is quick; you will not have to wait for months to get the analytics. This module comes with detailed instructions on adding a survey/poll. Following are the key features of this Magento User Survey and Poll extension.

Features – Magento User Survey

  • Add user survey/customer poll on CMS and user registration pages
  • Two types of surveys supported: Gallery type and Dropdown
  • Gallery type surveys make use of the images, infographics etc. for customer feedback
  • Images for gallery are resizable from the backend
  • Separate configuration for questions and question sets. Question set can include any number of questions
  • IP Base feedback method is supported; it means that multiple answers from same IP will be counted as one.
  • Questions sorting feature included
  • Total number of votes and its percentage is shown with each survey option and question. These questions results are available at the backend.
  • Multi Store Supported
  • Ability to select the location such as on frontend or backend

See all features live on Magento User Survey Demo. This module is available on Magento Commerce as well, click here to view it.