Fresh Releases Of Magento Extensions In 2014 by FME

It is always an utmost desire of an online retailer to keep his store up to the mark so that he could compete in market. Although, it depends upon the requirement of store to include certain extensions, but Magento vendors should be aware of advance features as framework is growing day by day. It is a piece of cake for Magento merchandisers to keep their online shop up to date by making use of FME latest release of Magento plugins. Being Magento developer, we have always remained keen to develop add-ons retaining high usability to customers; such dedication for innovation is persistently provoking us to improve our in house products. Since the beginning of new year FME is consistently working on new modules. Now that we have reached almost in the mid of year 2014, we are presenting some of the productive plugins during first semiannual span. Refer A Friend:

Refer a Friend Magento Extension

Magento refer a friend extension is useful for the social interaction of your clients; the viral marketing tool benefits consumers by making liable for discounts on each referral. The add-on is helpful in rewarding affiliate partners in terms of discounts and incentives that you may want to award on referring your website. The use of module increases the sources of conversion by making your current customers representative of brand. Thus, discount reward encourages your client to refer more friends to become liable for future discounts. The offered discounts are viewable on the purchaser’s shopping cart for redemption. The plugin allows referral-tracking analysis available in customer login of store. Restrict By Customer Groups:

Restrict Customer Groups Magento

Magento customer groups enable retailers to impose restrictive policies by making use of User Access Rules on pages for specific group of wholesalers, retailers that are registered and logged-in to your domain. By using add-on, you can make WebPages, static block, category, commodity, custom item and whole website disappear from any group. The catalog permissions module dynamically provides page level redirection to a user belonging to banned group on alternate page. The User Access Rules devise permissions on the basis of product attributes comprising of SKU, color, category etc. Call For Price: Call for Price Magento Magento call for price authorizes Ecommerce retailers to make price & ‘Add to Cart’ button invisible on different web segments like product detail page, category listing, wish list and frontends listing price of commodity. The extension empowers the admin by replacing customized message on product price label. Moreover, the plugin can be configured to hide the product price from certain groups and shows customized message as a tooltip as client hovers the price inquiry button. Custom Options Pricing:


Custom Option Pricing for Magento shop offers pricing on the basis of CSV, plugin automatically calculates price on the amount of measuring units like length, width, size etc. Either pricing mechanism for commodities is simple or complicated the module can be used to apply grouped options in the manner of configurable products.  The add-on invokes the capability to define dependency for option sets, means a moderator can select the outcome of particular option. Moreover, admin can configure catalog section or option set of plugin to select the sort order. Additional Registration Attributes:


Magento customer attributes authorizes retailer to include new fields on registration and customer login pages to collect data about user experience, survey and about merchandising objectives. The extension supports following web elements i.e. file, image, text field, text area, date, message field, drop down, multiple select, yes & no, radio box and check box. We hope that you might above compilation useful in locating the module of desired functionality. In order to make curiosity for next interaction, we will showcase our best seller Magento products.