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How to Enable Persistent Shopping Cart in Magento 2?

How to Enable Persistent Shopping Cart in Magento 2?

Cart abandonment is a concern for store owners worldwide. According to the below statistic, the global cart abandonment rate is more than 70%.


Source: Statista

What’s even more worrying is the fact that the rate is even more than 80% for certain industries as you can see below.


Source: Statista

The thing about cart abandonment is that its difficult to explain since there are numerous reasons that contribute to it. Of course, when a cart abandonment is higher than 80%, it indicates a problem with the product. It may be that the product is not what the target audience desires, or the quality is too poor.

To bring down the cart abandonment rate, Magento offers a wide range of features. No doubt that Magento is already a powerful eCommerce platform. After correctly configuring the advanced features, especially related to conversion, you can position your store as the go-to choice for the target audience.

One such out of the box feature is that of the Magento 2 persistent shopping cart. In our last article, we talked about Magento 2 Wishlist and how they help in improving conversions. Persistent shopping cart is similar to wishlist except that here customers have added products to cart and abandoned it for one reason or another.

What is a Magento Persistent Shopping Cart?

According to official Magento documentation, “a persistent shopping cart keeps track of unpurchased items that are left in the cart and saves the information for the customer's next visit.” Put simply, a persistent shopping cart saves all the products that customers have added to the cart and abandoned it for up to a year.

For example, a user has added some products to cart and left your store without completing the purchase. The persistent shopping cart will save all these products and show them to the user if he comes back to the store within a year. The user must login to go through checkout.

Benefits of Magento 2 Persistent Shopping Cart

There are numerous benefits, including:


The user need not add the products to the cart again. Instead, they can simply start their journey from where they left. This can help bring down the cart abandonment rate since customers are relieved that they don’t have to re-add the products.


Customers may not have the time to browse the website again to find the abandoned cart products. Magento 2 persistent shopping cart feature is ideal for those with very busy schedules.


As a business owner, you can access a customer’s abandoned cart to determine which products they have added. You can use this information to send them personalised emails and discounts. This can compel them to complete the purchase and also consider other products on offer.

Enhanced Inventory Management

If customers keep adding a product to the cart but don’t complete the purchase, it indicates problems with the product. As a business, you can use this information to manage inventory accordingly.

Supplier Management

As mentioned before, high levels of cart abandonment mean the product does not adequately address the target audience’s pain points. If the product is sourced from a supplier, you can use the information to change suppliers or request for improvements in the product.


Mini Cart

Enhance your customers' shopping experience with the Magento 2 Mini Cart Extension, which displays an order summary within a mini cart, allowing customers to continue shopping with ease.

How to Configure Persistent Shopping Cart Magento 2

  • From the Admin Panel, go to Stores - > Settings -> Configuration.
  • Expand Customers and select Persistent Shopping Cart.
enable persistent shopping cart in magento 2

Uncheck the Use system value checkbox and select ‘Yes’ for the Enable Persistence option. You will now be shown 5 more fields.

  • Persistence Lifetime (seconds): Here you can set how long you need to store shopping cart data in seconds. The maximal number is one year or 31,536,000 seconds.
  • Enable “Remember Me”: This option decides whether the “Remember Me” checkbox will appear on the login and registration pages or not. Selecting No will save customer information by default.
  • “Remember Me” Default Value: This option sets the default value for the “Remember Me” checkbox. Set No, if you want to leave it empty.
  • Clear Persistence on Sign Out: This option defines whether the persistent cookie is deleted after a customer logs out.
  • Persist Shopping Cart: This setting defines if you want to save cart data even after the session cookie expires.

When you are done with the configurations, click Save Config.

Final Thoughts on Magento Persistent Shopping Cart

This is the straightforward method to enable persistent shopping cart in Magento 2. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.. Our Magento development experts will answer your query promptly and to your satisfaction.

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