Best Magento 2 Web Hosting Services | In-Depth Reviews

Best Magento 2 Web Hosting Services | In-Depth Reviews

Magento is a well-known ecommerce platform recognized for its flexible shopping and smooth cart system. You can develop enriched online support with its assistance. You can even customize the store according to your particular requirements.

If you want to make the most out of this forum, it is imperative to ensure that you opt for the best web hosting service provider.

How to Pick the Best Magento 2 Hosting Provider?

Once you have decided to jump onto the bandwagon, it is vital to explore the available options. There are numerous options where each host promises fruitful rewards of working with them.

As per Hostingtribunal, more than 330,000 web hosting providers are operating worldwide. This figure is bound to put you in fuzz.

Hence, we have surveyed the industry on behalf of our readers and present you with a brief list of the best Magento 2 web hosting service providers.

The Top 5 Best Magento 2 Hosting Providers

  • Nexcess - Best for scaling and growth
  • Cloudways - Fast and powerful Magento 2 cloud hosting
  • LuroConnect - Best managed hosting service provider
  • MageMojo - Best cheap hosting plans
  • FastComet - Fast & reliable Magento hosting provider

Let’s scan through them:


Nexcess provides web hosting solutions from virtual private servers and shared hosting to dedicated servers, equipment co-location, and server clusters. It provides you with an option to choose a package that matches your needs and customers' requirements. It allows you to build a site using Magento 1 or Magento 2 without any doubt.

It serves customers 24/7 with a reliable customer service team based and operated at a Michigan Data Center. It gives SSL access to your Magento server too. Overall, robust and dependable hosting services will enable you to accommodate your traffic easily.

The fool-proof algorithm deployed by Nexcess keeps all potential bugs and security threats at bay. Therefore, you can operate with confidence without any fear of compromising security.


Cloudways leverages powerful servers to provide easy-to-use, affordable, and powerful web hosting. It lets you choose from one of the five platforms, including Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. The plans on this portal won’t burn a hole in your pocket, and you can even sign up for a trial run without swiping your credit card.

It requires a certain degree of expertise as there are some intricate technical details involved. However, if you choose this vendor and know how to proceed, you can enjoy some rarely found innovative features. Plus, it offers 24/7 security support to ensure you can deliver a safe and operational experience to your customers. Cloudways is also knows as the best magento 2 aws hosting provider.


LuroConnect is the latest and recommended managed hosting service that works across hosting and open-cloud platforms. It supports many stacks and frameworks. In PHP, LuroConnect supports WordPress, Laravel, and Magento.

The vendor provides all the necessary digital services needed to set up an ecommerce store. It brings a hosting stack to any cloud platform with a 24/7 support facility. With LuroConnect Managed hosting service, customers can benefit from flexible software without worrying about its hosting.

It brings a bespoke, optimized, and scalable hosting architecture with features like multi-layered security, disaster recovery plan, cache healing, daily health report, and alerting.


MageMojo is a hosting company founded by Martin Pachol and Eric Hileman in 2009. Its reliability and power add it to the list of best Magento 2 hosting vendors. The team works in coherence with its customers to identify problems in their site configuration and codebase.

The team brings a 100% uptime guarantee as they stand behind, ensuring their customers never come across a downtime. There is a specific focus on security, which will allow you to sustain peace of your mind at all times. You can put your thoughts into more productive deals while MageMojo handles the ecommerce platform.

Another perk of using MageMojo is its fixed pricing plan. There are no additional expenses or hidden charges involved. You pay for the conversions produced on the website and the number of sessions you have occupied.


FastComet has quickly earned the reputation of being a reliable and well-managed web host. It offers a free domain transfer if you are working on Magento. The transferring process is swift and easy. You also get a chance to renew the domain without spending money for one year.

If you are an online entity using FastComet, there is no need to worry about your performance because FastComet uses SSD only cloud. It brings you 300% faster access to the files in your database. You can also offer end benefits associated with this directly to your customers.

Another feature offered by FastComet is its free Cloudfare CDN. It gives you a chance to distribute your content worldwide without any troubles. When using this vendor, there is a bleak chance that people will complain about your functionality or speed.

Final thoughts

Take a look at these options and make sure you choose the one that matches all your ecommerce needs. It should be a vendor who has all features to shift your store to the next level. We hope you will soar the ecommerce charts soon!

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