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Benefits Of Setting-up Multi-Regional Stores With Magento Store Switcher

Benefits Of Setting-up Multi-Regional Stores With Magento Store Switcher

Shopping online is now in the stream and as technology evolves, the trends and the curves of style and fashion that grip the ecommerce industry evolve too. It simply cannot be disputed that online stores have created a buzz globally, defying boundaries and capturing new cultures.

This has become somewhat challenging as products are sold in different countries and regions. People in different places like different things. Sometimes the same products are demanded with a universal vigor, but with different colors depending on the region.

This calls for the need for managing online stores with respect to the particular regions the visitor originates from. Here is one product that cannot be doubted in providing the best GeoIP solution to your website.

GeoIP default Store from FME for Magento

With the help of Maxmind database, the Magento GeoIP Store Switcher allows you to create default stores for visitors from various regions by redirecting them to their regional store automatically. You can break it down into other categories as well such as country specific, retailers and wholesalers etc. There is absolutely no limit of the store views you wish to create with each assigned to the specific region of IP. This has become possible with the help of Geolocation technology. But what really is Geolocation?

In rather simple terms using the IP address to access the visitor’s current location is called Geolocation. The need is obvious when an eCommerce website needs to verify its traffic as to where it is coming from.

Why you need to identify where the traffic is coming From

After accessing the right location of the visitors merchants can show specific language, currency, payment methods, products to the specific regions to personalize overall experience of the user.

Any online merchant would love to expand his business for as far as it goes, breaking boundaries and setting new marks. The world consists of many cultures that speak many languages. Their differences have set different priorities and tastes among its people hence require different type of attention. An online store that sells electronics cannot rely on the one type of landing page and product features for visitors coming from multiple cultures. For example,  a device that is being bought in multiple regions will need variants to complete its charging ability as regions have separate supply of Voltage and Amperage in domestic and industrial areas.

Magento Block IP

geoip_ultimate_lockPrestaShop Block IP

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Geolocation Benefits

Here is why online retailers and merchant need multiple stores for multiple cultures and redirect visitors to website customized according to their region's cultural preferences.

Magnetizing Customers with Preferences

For one, they increase customer retention. The time spent on the website is proportional to the relevant products available in the store. Asian and European visitors will definitely have different preferences hence different products will appear on the stores.

It also enhances the online experience by showing the retail locations nearest to the online users without involving any complicated steps.

Conserve and Sell

With the help of GeoIP detection the business can increase its revenues 10 fold by targeting the products that visitors might be interested in buying. One of the biggest example of this is Amazon. Try visiting the website for few times and in the next visit you will find yourself surrounded with the product that you always wanted to have.

A Helping Hand for Brick Stores

This also helps boost purchases made in physical (brick and mortal) stores. As more and more people get interested in a particular product of a specific region, the company will surely save shipping costs and move their store to that region to make it locally available. A Chinese company for instance that produces porcelain products that are highly demanded in a specific region will best open a store over there to reduce shipping costs and other taxes.

Automated Redirection

Store selector

Once the website is equipped with the GeoIP Store Switcher extension, it can automatically redirect the visitors from different regions to their specific stores globally. An Asian visitor for instance will be redirected to the Asian version of the store where only the products proffered by the regional customers will be available.

Brand Consistency

In norms of marketing, this can be a game changer for the company. A consistent brand image will prevail as you duplicate the same campaigns of the company by translating it in the local language and adding some extra features the regional population loves to have.


As it would be pretty awesome to learn the exact location of the visitor, it is nearly as impossible to track the precise locating of the host given its IP address. In the recent years progress has been made and new tools have emerged that can identify the approximate location of the Host such as ARIN. It is a database that allows the user to track the contact and registration information of those registered with ARIN.