One-Stop-Shop and Pricing Experience - Advanced Product Options

Capturing your customer instinct is what every business thrive for. The most important thing that many of them overlook is the customer experience. Why put your customer in much lengthy shopping experience, instead provide a one-stop-shop experience where they can calculate the price before adding to the basket. Magento Custom Options Pricing extension by FME helps you provide that user experience that can grab your customer’s instincts in a productive way!

This extension allows the store owners to create independent custom options for multiple products that serve the purpose of configurable products. These custom options are made available on the product view page where the customers can customers can calculate price according to the length, breadth, size, or any other measurement units of variable sized products. You will not need to create configurable products in catalogue. You can create option sets and then allot them to simple products. This eliminates the need to create configurable products again and again.

With this extension, you can enable your customers to calculate product options price, select them and add to the basket, all on one page! The pricing is based on the customized CSV that you can upload from the backend and on the basis of that your customers can view the advanced product options available against the measurement unites entered by the customer.

Give your customers an excellent shopping experience that eases their need to shop from your shop. Using this ecstatic extension, you can also convert your frequent stagnant traffic into sales!

Think no more and try our new extension to enhance your customer relationship in satisfying way!