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How to Add Custom Field to Magento 2 Shipping Method?

How to Add Custom Field to Magento 2 Shipping Method?

The checkout stage is perhaps the most important part of the online shopping journey. A customer can spend hours finding the right product and still decide against buying it. It is quite perplexing given the unparalleled insights into the target audience businesses have nowadays. The below statistic shows the global digital cart abandonment rate.


Source: Statista

For some industries, the cart abandonment rate is more than 80%. It shows a pressing need to focus on the checkout stage and find ways to streamline it. Based on our experience and market research, one way to streamline the checkout stage is by adding custom fields.

Store owners can opt to add a custom field at any part of the checkout stage, including the shipping methods. Custom details collected at the checkout step can be used to align your marketing strategies. For example, adding ‘How Did You Hear About Us?’ dropdown will let you know which marketing strategy is working best.

Benefits of Configuring Magento 2 Shipping Methods Custom Fields

There are several benefits to adding a custom field to Magento 2 shipping methods stage, including:


Custom Checkout Fields

The Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields Extension lets you add extra fields to the checkout page to gather valuable customer information, helping you understand their order requirements, behavior, and preferences.

Sharing Specific Information

The customer can use the custom field to add specific information related to delivery. For example, they can share the preferred date and time for delivery. They may want the product delivered to a third person. Thus, using a custom field, they can share the contact details of the person to whom the product needs to be delivered.

Improved Order Management

By asking customers to share specific dates and time for product delivery, you can better plan delivery routes. This can also help reduce shipping costs.

Repeat Purchases

Another reason to consider adding custom fields to shipping method in Magento 2 is to drive repeat purchases. When customers see that the store is doing everything possible to meet their demands, they usually reward it with frequent purchases.

Solution To Add Custom Field to Magento 2 Shipping Method

Here, we are going to discuss how to add custom fields to the shipping method step of the Magento 2 checkout. Magento 2 custom checkout fields extension by FME allows admins to add custom fields to any checkout step. Let’s see how to do this.

  • After logging in to the Admin Panel of the extension, click FME Extensions -> Manage Fields
  • This page displays all the already added custom checkout fields and their details. You can edit any of the fields by clicking on it. To add a new attribute, click ‘Add New Attribute’.
  • The New Attribute Field form allows you to set different attributes for the field. You can write a default label, select field type, make it optional or mandatory,
  • Setup input validation
  • Restrict it to specific customer groups and store views, and whether to display it in email and PDF etc.

Display Custom Fields in Shipping Method Section of Checkout Page

To display a custom field in the shipping method step;

  • Select ‘Shipping Method’ in the ‘Checkout Step’ dropdown as shown below.

You can add any of the 9 field types to the shipping method section. The ‘Position’ field is used to make the fields appear before or after the shipping method.

Advantages of Using the Extension

  • 45 days money back
  • FREE lifetime support
  • FREE updates for 6 months
  • 100% open source


This concludes our article on how to add custom field to shipping method in Magento 2. If you have any questions related to the extension, you can Submit a ticket.

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