Customer ExperienceApril 1, 2016

7 Proven Strategies for Enhancing Online Shopping Experience

7 Proven Strategies for Enhancing Online Shopping Experience
The online stores are continually focusing on to relieve users in browsing their websites in easy navigation and order placement. The consumers are visiting stores through their handheld devices and computer systems, which have challenged the user friendliness of their online presence. In addition to mobile optimization, the users also prefer stores by evaluating the level of comfort they enjoy at any retail shop. The conversion ratio of customers, who makes the purchases, highly depends upon the successful integration of the online store with the ease and comfort of end consumers. For successfully converting visitors into customers, the admin and store managers are striving hard to meet the optimal design which entices the visitors and compels them to spread the satisfaction to their loved ones by word of mouth. In this article, we will discuss 7 proven strategies for enhancing the shopping experience of the people visiting your online shop, so that they enjoy the ultimate ease and comfort of finding their desirable products.

1.  Simple to Understand Navigation

Most of the times, the online store owners design sophisticated navigational buttons in pursuit of being distinct in the industry. It may look awesome for a group of people, but will annoy the majority. Would you like to lose customers because of the bright and flashy buttons that disturb them? For product categories, the tab must be simple and meaningful. The most recommended tabs are with one word which describes the whole product line, e.g. Clothing to represent all kinds of clothes or shoes tab includes all the brands.

2.  Put Yourself in Customers’ Shoes

Merchants often forget to view their online store with the eye of an ordinary man. Your audience may include people from every walk of life, and most often, they tend to avoid a website that is boring, dull and complicated in searching products. To simplify the web design, you first have to evaluate how much interesting and fascinating is the home page? For improvements, the first stage is to study how competitors are serving their customers with a soothing design and then add an extra feature to make your store a comfort zone. Another easy way to conduct a quick survey is to allow friends and relatives to comment on the proposed or current design, and it will let you explore numerous improvement ideas free of cost.

3.  Product Suggestions

Visitors are often focused in a category that they forget to browse the rest of the products. To remind them items, a product suggestion widget shall be installed to highlight the best selling and recommended products you have in the store. With the same idea, another concept for enhancing the shopping experience also prevails with the name of ‘who bought also bought this’ which simply highlights products combination liked by previous customers. For new users, it instantly puts forward the set of items that are often bought together. You can incorporate such a strategy in your business for boosting revenues.

4.  Clear and Concise Product Description

The online users scan a web page rather than reading it thoroughly. For the same reason, the experts suggest clear and concise information about product description, key features, and benefits. The content optimization is a key to convert visitors into customers by displaying data in a form that is ease to scan. Product description that is written in an enormous paragraph without highlighting salient features is less likely to grab customer attention than the one which is written with due diligence. It ensures that the users go through the compelling content and decide to place orders.

5.  Instant Search

Online users have the scarcity of time, as they have to filter lots of other stores as well. All they need is an instant search of their products and move on to the next website if they are unable to find the desired items. Instant search is powered with Ajax technique that loads the products speedily when a user starts typing the name. Usually, searches are done for the products, but some people may try to find out entire categories. So, you must assure that the store supports search by product name, category, and type. It may give suggestions to the users to select and continue shopping without extensive research.

6.  Making Your Store Visually Appealing

Colorful navigation and captivating images make a website more appealing and inspiring. Users are more attracted towards visuals than mere text or slogans. People often get tired of reading the content that’s why they pause for a moment to scan the icons and images to navigate through the website and find alluring items. The combination of colors also matters a lot, such as red with black or orange, and an amalgamation of green with blue has a supreme attachment and appeal. Professional designers are well versed with attractive color schemes and its usage for the specific industry.

7.  Shop by Brand

Allowing customers to shop by brands is a fantabulous idea. It gives them instant access to products that are stitched or manufactured by their favorite brands. Such tools are readily available on the internet to support retail store owners, e.g. Magento shop by brand, which allows users to enter a brand name and find all the related products. Search for the modules or applications that can categorize products according to brands so that users can instantly select from an alphabetical list and explore the variety. It saves much of their time and enhances their shopping experience.


With the extended ease and comfort of online shopping, the number of consumers is increasing day by day. And, to serve them with high-end products and services, businesses are also extending their operations to various towns, cities, countries and across the borders, but only those will get a benefit of the game who takes best care of their customers. The store owners who are striving hard to achieve excellence in their trade shall consider an implication of the above-discussed strategies as the key to succeed in today's competitive world is to adopt consumer-centered policies. Related Products: Who Bought This Also Bought Magento Extension who_bought_this_also_bought Prestashop Brands Plus brands-plus