5 Free Premium Magento Extensions – Rush to Grab!

Magento is an open source e-commerce store application introduced back in 2008 and has established its brand name in the market so quickly that most of the well-known shopping carts are left behind. Magento is not only user friendly but it also allows extensive customization and development opportunities. Like any other CMS or e-commerce platform, Magento also motivates toward development plugins or modules or better called Magento extension. These extensions not only enhance functionality of your web store but also help in generating more revenue. Follow is a roundup of few Magento extensions which are offered for Free of cost!

FME Banners Extension

Banners extension enables you to create sliding banners powered by Flash front end display. Administrator can add different banners / images to be displayed and has a very large number of options for display with different effects and styles!

FME Product Slider Extension - Free Magento Extension

FME Products Slider Extension

This extension helps you maximize the number of products that you can display in limited screen on home page. The slider extension can be used for displaying new products on your ecommerce store!

FME New Products Slider

FME Products Sold Extension

FME Products Sold helps you to show number of products sold on product detail page!

FME Product Sold Extension - Free Magento Extension

FME Quick Contact Extension

FME Contact Us makes the contacts between customers and site owners easier and attractive.

FME Quick Contact Extension - Free Magento Extension

FME Request for Quote Extension

This extension brings your customers and you a better way to interact each other with respect to quotations. This extension gives you maximum to handle quotations efficiently.

FME Request for Quote Extension - Free Magento Extension