5 Conversional Benefits of Responsive Web Designs

A responsive web design aims at enhancing user’s experience by creating flexible websites, which can be easily optimized for the device accessing the website. These web pages are so flexible and responsive that they readily react to the size of the user’s device screen.

If your business isn’t taking advantage of responsive Magento Themes then the following benefits will make you understand why you need a responsive website in 2014:

Reach More Tech Savvy Audience

Responsive architecture of websites is often considered a response to the increasing use of internet and the incessant proliferation of numerous web applications, on tablets and smart phones. Traditionally, businesses would create separate web pages for their small screen users (i.e. tablet or mobile users) while already having a responsive web would mean that your web page would automatically optimize to various screen sizes. Sales through tablets and mobile phones are on the rise and expected to grow in the future, which makes mobile designs imperative for businesses today. So don’t give a miss to potential traffic using small screens to access internet and websites.

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Increase Conversion Rates

With a responsive web design, users will have a better experience at your site as they would not be redirected to any other place. The look and feel of your site will remain consistent through unified design, and barriers like poor functionality, inefficient performance and inconsistent user experience will be removed.

Consolidate Analytic Tools

Having a responsive template for your website means you are no longer required to track your customers’ visits and redirection paths between multiple web pages. You can now analyze traffic on multiple devices using the same Google Analytics tool.

Save Costs of Money and Time

Another benefit of having a responsive websites is that it saves cost of time and money. You don’t have to build and manage an extra site for mobile users. Moreover, development and maintenance overheads greatly increase when it comes to testing a number of websites. However, in a responsive website, various styles and features are re-used and optimized, so same testing methodologies can also be applied everywhere.

Enhance Offline Browsing with HTML5

With advanced offline browsing capabilities of HTML5, you can now deliver quality content to your customers across devices, and your sites can be readily accessed on the go.

The demand for mobile internet and applications is burgeoning with every passing day. Having a responsive design for your website means you can stay ahead of the trend. Many Magento websites are taking advantage from responsive web designs with the help of Magento Responsive themes, making users’ experience easier and better on various devices they use. Wal-Mart had its conversions boosted up by 20% while mobile orders up to 98%, with the help of responsive web design.